Astrologists and Practical Life

Being one of the oldest types of knowledge, astrology used to be recognized as the art of prediction. Astrologists have been fulfilling the unending human desire to know about the future since the inception of this knowledge, however, in modern times it has become almost a life essential for mankind. Therefore, the zodiac knowledge is being applied in a combination of scientific ways thus making astrology a variety of science and arts. In fact, there is a huge difference between specialized astrology and simple fortune-telling. A professional astrologist is not only blending the fortunetelling, stargazing, soothsaying, and predicting the future but he is an excellent forecaster who associates the proximity with deceitful physics. Contemporary business practices direly need precise predictions based on authentic knowledge and nothing else than astrology services can satisfy this craving. From love marriage issues to Reiki, mind power, health problems, relationship management, office and career, economy, business, and politics; nothing is out of an astrologist’s influence. While its widespread application in practical life; modern astrology has become closely associated with specialized fields like birth chart analysis, love matching, marriage advice, domestic peace expertise, corporate astrology, spell casters, horoscopes and stones, stress relief, celebrity and politics, etc. It is not only the ordinary people being benefitted from the astrologers, but the big giants, rulers and kings of the states have also an undeniable history of showing relentless reliance upon the reputed astrologists for their quest for power. It is all about the ability to predict the price of things at the right time that makes an astrologer stand distinct from his/ her counterparts.

In astrology.Each person’s character is divided into twelve constellations, which are dominated by the major planets.

From the moment of birth, the rising constellation on the eastern horizon is a constellation among the twelve zodiac constellations, not a star. It is also called “Ascending Constellation”. Thus, the Sun and Moon constellations are derived.

But this “rising sign” has a crucial influence. You can regard it as your soul or the rudder in your life. The characteristics of the rising sign often permeate our subconscious. It is not easy to have too much awareness of it when you are young, but its power will gradually increase after you are 40 years old, and it will firmly lock the direction of your life.

The sun affects the exterior and interior of human personality. Most of the time, our sun is hidden behind the rising constellation. In each 24-hour day, the twelve constellations rise from the ground plane in sequence, so we can know that the replacement time of each rising constellation is about two hours. In addition, your solar sign is the corresponding sign of the sun in the ecliptic on the day of your birth. The rising sign is the rising sign on the horizon when you were born. Directly affect our character and inner.

The influence of Ascendant and Moon constellations cannot be ignored.

The most important things in the solar system are the sun, the earth and the moon. In astrology, the earth is the center, and everyone thinks from his own perspective. For example, I think the sun represents the solar constellation. Although the sun is the center and gives us so much energy, it can never represent itself. It is just an external force that deeply affects us, so that we can know how to choose and how to do better. But after all, it is the party that gives power, shines or covers, so the solar constellation is not the true self. Of course, the moon is the constellation of the moon, which always surrounds us and is so close to us. Of course, its influence cannot be ignored. At night, the moon affects our feminine side, that is, our inner subconsciousness. If the rising constellation is the true self, then the moon constellation represents the true heart. The earth is obviously the rising constellation. When we come to the earth, our soul first sees the light on the horizon when it falls on the earth. That is the first time we receive sunlight. It is not the sun, but light. It is doomed that we will be infused with the personality of the rising constellation. That is what really affects our real desire, real goal and real self.

Only life is the most precious. In the long journey of time, life is endless