1. The Magician

The manifestation of intention

The Fool revealed our unformed potential. The Magician gives us shape, intention, and direction. This is the movement of zero to one. From nothing to anything. This is the second half of the beginning: Where the Fool made us give up, the Magician will.

The Magician is the bringing together of these disparate, intangible ideas. The Fool’s statement that “I don’t know where my head is heading, but I’m willing to go” is incorrect. The Magician is making it clearer. This is about understanding your ‘why’ and setting intentions. Then, choosing a direction to go, and focusing your energy accordingly.

Setting intentions is an important skill. Intention is essential for any serious project. Intention is a declaration that you will do something. You are inviting in the energy of others by setting an intention. The Fool once said, “I trust you.” The Fool said “I will move forwards”, but the Magician said, “Here’s what I want to accomplish.” I need your help.

This is why the Magician card often depicts a figure reaching up towards the sky with one hand. They reach up high to draw down universal energy, divine power, and channel it through their bodies. On the other hand, they point down to earth and transform that energy into something tangible.

Intention is expressed by the hand reaching for the heavens. The hand to ground is manifestation.

Everyone has access to power, energy, and magic. The variables are how they affect us and how we access them.

– Oliver Pickle She Sits in the Night

This card often shows the emblems for the four tarot suit (pentacles cups, swords, and wands) or symbols that represent the four elements (earth water air fire). This card is about your access to all resources within you. We’ll see this later in the course. Each suit and its corresponding element represents a part of your life. Your physicality, feelings, intuition, intellect, inner fire, and intelligence. You may need any or all of these resources to achieve your goals. All you need.

Advice from the Magician

This card encourages you to set your intentions. Do not be unsure of what you are aiming for. Do not have a vague vision. Spend some time to clarify where you are going and what you want.

Describe your intentions. Declare your intention in a mural, or on a post-it note. Declare it to a friend. Shout it to all the heavens. Shout it to sea. It can be sounded from the top of your apartment block. It can be uttered in prayer. To really set your intention, create a ritual. You’ll get the idea.

Then, actually do it! The Magician card is not only about ideas, but also about manifestation. It requires commitment. It expects you to move forward. You can get direction from intention. What is your intention? You’re great – now get moving. Now is the right time to take action.

You can be called to leadership by the Magician. It could be that you need to grab control of the situation and bring everyone together, whether you are working in a partnership, group, or team. Perhaps energy is scattered around, people aren’t certain of their direction or there’s another kind of confusion. The Magician encourages everyone to take charge and be clear, focused, and energised.

The Magician will remind you of your power when it appears in your readings. The Magician reminds you that your dreams are possible, no matter how small or large, and that you are capable of achieving them. Find solutions to obstacles that stand in your way or find a way around them.

It reminds you, like the Fool, that you aren’t alone. The Universe is there for you, whether you’re a solo magician or part of a group. You have the power and magic to make it happen.

Key words and concepts

Setting intentions/being intentional/declaring your intention

Consciously directing energy


Being dynamic

Put your thoughts into action

Make something tangible

Getting started

All the resources that you require

Being powerful



Here are some common symbols

Access to resources: Four elements or four suits

Magic Wand (channelling magic energy from the Universe)

Pointing to ground (making something tangible, earthing energy)

Lemniscate/infinity sign (transcendence).

Flowers (growth, visible manifestations of the life force)

Red and yellow colours are associated with passion, life, and energy.