The suit of wands represents creativity, passion, energy, and action. They are your spiritual pursuits, career, and creative projects. This suit is known for its leadership, self-growth, and general optimism. They are often in business and are entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales-focused. People who are Wands like to succeed and are active in all aspects of their lives. They are often successful sportspeople, with an unrivaled health vitality.

Keywords for the Suit of Wands

Intuition, creativity, vitality; sexuality and spirituality; vision; energetic.

Reversed keywords

Rash: impetuous, ruthless, greedy; narrow-minded.

You can find my colour coded minor Arcana correspondence charts to help you understand the correspondences for the Tarot suit of Wands. These include the four elements as well as numerology, timing, numerology and card count valuesno tarot listing.

A separate post, Timing events using Tarot and Astrology goes deeper and explains how to determine timing from each card in the deck. It uses Traditional Tarot Timing as well as the complex astrological model of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The post is also colour-coded and uses seven tables to illustrate the system’s development in an easy-to-understand tutorial.


Fire is one of the 4 elements. It represents energy, passion, drive, ambition, and energy. It is an active element that can cause permanent change. The suit of Wands is energized by the element of fire. It gives the suit energy, making it more about effort, perseverance and doing.


Numerology for the Minor Arcana provides a brief explanation of the numbers 1-10 through the eyes modern numerology. It is intended to help you see patterns in the suits and the benefits of using numerology with the tarot.