The Tarot Card Meanings states that the Tarot Suit of Pentacles represents all things physical and material, as well as what you feel using your senses. They are concerned with your finances, business deals, your material possessions, your job, and your home & garden.

This suit is known for its ability to work hard and get the job done. People with pentacles don’t mind working in the field or at the factory. You will find them in many trades such as removals, agriculture, landscaping, and homemaking.

Keywords for the Suit of Pentacles

Sensual, sexual; strong and lithe; dependable.

The Suit of Pentacles Inverted

Miserly; slave drivers, workaholics and pleasure seekers; neglectful of work; dullards. Negative; pessimistic. Superstitious. Thoughtless. Penny pinchers.

You can find my colour coded minor Arcana correspondence charts to help you understand the correspondences for the Tarot suit of Pentacles. These include the four elements , timing, numerology and card count values as well as no tarot listing.

A separate post, Timing events using Tarot and Astrology goes deeper and explains how to determine timing from each card in the deck. It uses Traditional Tarot Timing as well as the complex astrological model of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The post is also colour-coded and uses seven tables to illustrate the development of this system in an easy-to-understand tutorial.


Earth is one of the 4 elements. It is the material, physical, and sensual. Earth is a passive element. It promotes prosperity, growth, and production. The Suit of Pentacles’ earth element provides stability and grounding for many aspects of the suit. Earth brings determination, while fire gives you tenacity.


Numerology for the Minor Arcana provides a brief explanation of the numbers 1-10 through the eyes modern numerology. It is intended to help you see patterns in the suits and the benefits of using numerology with the tarot.


These groups are quite complex and need more than a few keywords in order to be expressed with any sense. In the following posts, I have sorted them by rank:

How to finally conquer the Tarot Court Cards shows you how you can bring this tarot tribe alive in a way that you can relate to.