Aries – symbol of Aries

It is a pictographic method to symbolize the head of a sheep. Take out the most obvious horn and nose of the sheep. The myth of Aries can be associated with some traits, such as impulse and courage. On the other hand, it is also pointed out that the symbol of Aries is a symbol of new green shoots, showing the new and thriving scene of the earth.

Taurus – the symbol of Taurus

It symbolizes the head of a cow, and also depicts the image of a cow with simple lines. From the myth of Taurus, we can find that Taurus is gentle in appearance, but full of desire in heart. On the other hand, the round ox face shows ease and enjoyment, but the horn above indicates that our temper may break out.

Gemini – Symbol for Gemini

The symbol of twins is a little more abstract than the first two symbols. From the myth of Gemini, we can know the duality and internal contradiction of Gemini. In fact, Gemini represents not only duality, but also so-called pluralism. On the one hand, it can be seen that Gemini is broad, on the other hand, it also implies possible superficiality.

Cancer – the sign of Cancer

It symbolizes the chest, which means that the cancer is related to the chest. According to the myth of Cancer, you can imagine that there is a feeling of home and jealousy. On the other hand, it is also pointed out that the symbol of Cancer is actually the carapace symbolizing Cancer, which also shows the self-protection characteristics and hidden habits of Cancer.

Leo – the sign of Leo

It symbolizes the tail of a lion. The high and raised tail fully shows the personality of a lion. The myth of Leo can be associated with the bravery and fighting of a lion. It is easy to think of many noble, compassionate and king like traits when associating Leo with them. But don’t forget that the lioness goes out hunting.

Virgo – Virgo symbol

It may not be easy to see the female genitalia, but if you pay attention to the right half, you can find it. In Virgo’s mythology, we can see the meaning of harvest. By associating Virgo’s characteristics with Virgo, we can also find some, such as caution, prudence, calmness and shyness. On the other hand, virgins also represent intelligence and sensitivity.

Libra – Libra symbol

It represents a scale. The Greek letter Ω represents measurement, and the – below represents the basis of measurement. In the myth of Libra, you can see the fairness of Libra. But from that Libra, we can see the basic idea of Libra to pursue balance. At the same time, the swaying Libra also shows Libra’s hesitation.

Scorpio – the sign of Scorpio

The genitals, which represent men, are a little like Virgo, and should also be imagined from the right side. From the myth of Scorpio, you can know the source of Scorpio’s jealousy. The desire of Scorpio can be known from the male genitalia. On the other hand, some people think that the symbol of Scorpio is the shell and poison needle of scorpion, showing the character of revenge.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius symbol

The archer’s arrow returns to the simple form of a pictogram. Sagittarius can be seen from the myth of Sagittarius intelligence and freedom of love. The archetype of the archer is the man and horse holding the bow and arrow. The horse at the lower part of the body symbolizes the pursuit of absolute freedom. The man at the upper part of the body symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. The arrow in the hand shows the archer’s aggressiveness and injury.

Capricorn – symbol of Capricorn

It represents the head of a sheep and the tail of a fish. It is abstract but basically pictographic. From the myth of Capricorn, we can know the worry and fear of Capricorn. Capricorn is also called Goat, which is caused by the goat image on its upper body. It has a desire to climb the mountain, but don’t forget that Capricorn also has a fish tail that symbolizes feelings under the water.

Aquarius – symbol of Aquarius

The waves, which symbolize water and air, are concrete but abstract. From the myth of Aquarius, we can see that Aquarius likes freedom and individualism. The wave, which symbolizes Aquarius, is a highly intellectual symbol. To think about the characteristics of Aquarius from the characteristics of the wave, it seems to be regular but has no specific image. It is an unpredictable constellation.

Pisces – Pisces symbol

It symbolizes two fish, and one of them is a ribbon that connects them. Pisces myth can be associated with Pisces escape characteristics. The two Pisces fish swim in two directions, which not only shows the duality of Pisces, but also symbolizes the contradiction and complexity of Pisces.

The system herein set forth is an analytical method of reading the horoscope chart. It is developed along the lines indicated by Max Heindel in The Message Of The Stars, pages 405-408. It consists simply of combining the keywords of the planets, signs, and houses to form key- phrases, key-sentences and key-paragraphs, then the final summing up of these to arrive at a composite judgment. By this method anyone can read the message of a chart in a fairly intelligent manner. There has been an idea in the past that a high degree of intuition was necessary before one could hope to do this. But this idea has largely been disproved. Anyone who can combine simple elements and reason from cause to effect can combine the keywords in a chart to ascertain at least the essential part of its message. Reference to dignities, exaltations, retrogradation, interception and other minor factors is omitted, as only the advanced student needs to consider them.

STEPS IN READING AN ASPECT Steps 1 to 9 inclusive are preliminary and analytical in character to show the student the reasoning which must be done, consciously or subconsciously, before the summary in step 10 is possible. With practice, however, students

2 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM will arrive at the point where they will be able to omit the first nine steps and give the net result of step 10 without this preliminary work. 1. Determine the nature of the aspect, harmonious or inharmonious, in the one case indicating that good judgment is used and in the other case that the person goes to extremes in the activities indicated by the aspect. 2. Look up the keywords of the two planets entering into the aspect. There are three sets. The basic keywords apply in all cases. The positive qualities are used in addition to the basic keywords with harmonious aspects. The negative qualities are used in addition to the basic keywords with inharmonious aspects. The word “negative” is here used to denote the results of these qualities rather than the qualities themselves. 3. Ascertain the keywords for the two signs containing the two planets. The positive qualities of the sign are used in addition to its basic keywords when the planet in it is in good aspect. The negative qualities of the sign are used with the basic keywords when the planet is adversely aspected. 4. Combine the keywords of each planet with the keywords of the sign in which it is placed to determine the corresponding type of character. 5. Combine the keywords of the two planets by themselves, taking into account the aspect, harmonious or inharmonious, indicating whether the qualities of the two planets will work together or in opposition to each other, to determine the character as given by the aspect in the abstract. 6. Ascertain the keywords for the two houses containing the two planets. 7. Combine the keywords of each planet with the keywords of the house in which it is placed, leaving out of consideration temporarily the aspect in order to determine the planetary influence in the house. 8. Consider the action of the affairs of one house upon the affairs of the other as brought about by the aspect between the two planets, that is, a harmonious aspect will enable the affairs of one house to reinforce those of the other and an inharmonious aspect will cause the affairs of one house to detract from those of the other. 9. Consider the reaction of the affairs of the second of the two houses upon those of the first, following the method indicated in step 8. 10. Correlate and balance all the elements above mentioned into one composite judgment which will express in everyday language the net results without any reference to aspects or other astrological elements. 11. When reading an entire horoscope, correlate and balance similarly the effects of all the planets, their house and sign positions, and their aspects