Are you familiar with the meaning of “entre chien et wolf”?

It’s a French term for twilight, which can be either dusk nor dawn. When half the light turns everything monochromatic, it is impossible to tell the difference between wild and tame. This is one of the major meanings of the Tarot Moon card.

Brian Williams, a tarot artist, taught me the term. It was recently used as the episode title for a Kdrama, ‘Mad Dog’ about corporate abuses. It turns out that there is another Kdrama with the same expression.

Jean Dodal Tarot

It refers to the inability to differentiate between friend and foe, between known and unknown . It is impossible to know if we are safe or under threat. Sometimes our eyes can fool us and we may not be able to see the truth. It is possible to feel trapped between fear and comfort, or between reality and fiction.

This is certainly one of the main meanings of the Moon Card. It can be used to refer to anything, from dreams to lunacy to the confusion of distinguishing the two.

Melissa Burley says it’s not all bad. She believes this is the “hypnogogic” state between dreaming and waking. It’s a moment when the barrier between conscious and subconscious mind thins. This is a magical moment when you can access a limitless fountain of creativity potential. Check out what she has to say.

The GD Hebrew correspondence to Qoph – back of the brain, brain’s limbic systems and monkey – has led me to believe that the Moon card might be a sign that we can actually alter our DNA. As the path from the unconscious to higher levels of consciousness, we can metaphorically influence the unconscious to evolve. “Qof is the only letter that extends below the line of other letters. This indicates descent into the lower world but also the possibility to rise from there.

What are your thoughts?