The Moon

It is not all what it seems

The symbol of intuition and the power of the subconscious is the moon when it appears as a symbol on other cards ( High PriestessChariot). There is more to the Moon card than meets the eye.

The Moon’s concern is with everything dark and difficult to see. Dreams, secret messages, intuition, symbols, and strange signs. It’s the “is it …??” kind of energy, that feeling of not knowing what you are seeing or experiencing. Or am I just imagining it em>? It’s that “is it…?” feeling, that feeling of not knowing what you are seeing or feeling.

Many myths revolve around the Moon, the great, grey rock that resides in the sky and governs our oceans. It is the symbol of mystery, madness, the unseen, shadows, and sorcery.

This card’s traditional image is strange and otherworldly. Two towers, which seem to be gateways to distant mountains, are the main features of this card. Who knows what might lie there? A lobster emerges from a sea to represent the unconscious and intuition rising from the depths. Two dogs howl in the middle, one on either side of a stream. The domestic hound is the one. One is a domestic hound. The other is a wild dog. Both are part of us. The Moon gives the wild dog the opportunity to howl.

It can be scary to see the voice of something that is usually hidden, but it is also frightening to hear. It can be scary to let our wildness out, which may seem like madness to some. However, it is also liberating to give space for that wild, unsocialized nature. Let your wolf howl.

The Moon is associated with witchery, spellwork and magic of all sorts. These rituals and ceremonies can also be used to manifest magical intent. It requires you to let go of rationality and what you know, and to explore the mysteries of life. It can be creative, soulful and profound work or simple and experimental.

The Moon can also be used to represent manipulation and lies. All of us wear masks and we are all deceived. The Moon shines its bright light on these elements, asking difficult questions about truth and lies. The reality and what we represent.

The Moon, an archetype, is the lunatic, or’mad’ person. We may not know the definition. This person may hear voices or see visions. Maybe they want to share something with us and no one will listen. The Moon brings up the topic of mental health. It could refer to mental health challenges or problems, neurodivergence, and different ways of seeing the world. You can read it as encouragement to seek help, but you can also celebrate the positive aspects of being neuroatypical. ‘Mental health’ does not have to be viewed in a negative light.

Advice from the Moon

This card has a lot to say to you. Do you feel it is encouraging you to get up and smell the coffee? Or to surrender to the mystery? Is it a sign that you are lying to yourself or that you are receiving messages from the other side of the coin? It’s normal to feel confused and disoriented.

It’s not all as it seems and, frustratingly, this card is not for answers. It is a card of mystery, weirdness and secrets. You can check in with your intuition and listen to it as well. Then, you can either decide to take action or let the wild, howling flow guide you.

Do not focus on the concrete right now. Instead, be open to the gray areas and the swirling nature of the truth as it slowly emerges. Let go of the need to know where your position is.

This is the time to be called to any type of magical practice. You can be as magical as you want, and really connect with the wild moon energy.

If you’re feeling the deception/manipulation vibe of this card, dig into that. It can be scary and hard work but it is time to examine what really is going on. What are you missing? What are you blind to? Where are you hiding? (There could be echoes from the Devil). What areas in your life do you feel lacking integrity or not being truthful? What’s the real reason for this?

Ask yourself whether a mask is a healthy boundary or if you are pretending to be someone else. To find out why, look beyond the mask.

Key words and concepts

Shadow work

Get in touch with your wild natural world

“Let you wolf howl”

Listening to your intuition deeply

Signs and symbols, secret messages

Being completely non-rational

Magic, witchcraft and spellwork

Deception and lies

Be a good shopper

A mask is worn

Here are some common symbols

Your wild nature: Howling dog or wolf

Lobster or crab (messages of the subconscious rising to surface).

Sea, water (intuition and emotion).

Mountains in the distance (a trip)

Moon (intuition and hidden realms, inner wisdom, intuition)

Mask (deception, concealing the truth)