Astrology is a term which is often misjudged by people. The principal of astrology is that all that happens in nature and it’s subdivisions is the outcome of natural laws and powers that work in universe and by studying carefully these cosmic power , we learn what we have to do and leave undone in order to live in harmony with these powers. As astrology teaches us how, by calculation ,to find the time when the weak points in our character will be liable to manifest and so we can arm ourselves beforehand and stand firm towards that time.

Astrology might play a great impact in sphere of education . Every child bears his own characteristics in him and this will never change . If the horoscope of a child is examined at a young age we get an accurate information that what can be made of the child . There are instances of astrologer predicting perfect future . Nothing can be beneficiary for mankind as predicting future can be.

Astrology originates from people’s observation of celestial bodies. It is found that different stars will have a certain impact on and promote the growth of people, animals, plants and even the whole magnetic field on the ground when they are pushed and changed. In order to find out the rules and solve these puzzles, people can, to a certain extent, predict the development of things through the changes of stars through long-term observation and recording.

In 360 BC, Plato put forward the concept that the universe consists of the celestial sphere and the earth, and determined the four elements and the celestial sphere theory. Mathematician Pythagoras (the founder of Pythagorean theorem) explained the universe with the concept of numerology and believed that numbers were the basis of the universe. His theory was also the main basis for later scholars to study the planetary motion of the solar system. This is also an important basis for early astrology.

In the later century, due to the rise of science and the industrial revolution, some astrologers hoped to interpret astrology from a scientific perspective. During this period, a group of astrologers, mainly the “Hamburg School”, were influenced by scientific research. They studied and discussed astrology with the magnetic field of matter, optical waves, the area of planetary movement and radiation, changes in air flow, electric wave magnetic field, and changes in the period of star movement.

I will talk about this in the previous article to tell you that astrology originates from life, which is both metaphysics and science. It is not a fiction, but a real trace to follow. Some people are unable to make accurate predictions and judgments because they do not know enough about knowledge or make one-sided decisions about some things. The stars play a role in the night sky as a group. We must not judge the accuracy of a thing because of a certain aspect, or at an inappropriate time, by looking at the disk that has not reached or even cannot reach the field. In addition, we should not pursue other illusory things because of the accuracy of astrological prediction.

No human being lives on the earth without being affected by the external magnetic field. It includes the relationship between people, conversation and running in, the contact between people and objects, and the contact with animals, which are actually the cross frequency between magnetic fields. The magnetic fields interact with each other. The ancient Greeks believed that [the human body is a small universe] also because of this. People found that the frequency of the magnetic field carried by the human body has a great relationship with the astrological effects at specific times and places when people were born.

At last i want to conclude that astrology is a boon and it is still underestimated and mixed with superstition . Astrology is something which can change our perception and also our way of living in a positive way . Astrology can make the World a better place to live