The power of potential for all four elements, feminized, is represented by the Heralds (also known angelic Strongholds). They are a sign of the coming of an influence or force.

The sealed scroll that a Herald displays in your reading signifies that she is carrying a message from the beyond. To receive the message, pull an additional card and reveal the gestating force most likely to influence the journey ahead.

Heralds are a sign of potential and aspiration. They also let us know that some divine being has taken an interested in us and sent a scout to our direction.

Herald of the Flame. Reveal the brilliance: This is a sign of talent rising and the promise of a shining Light. Keep your head up. Don’t doubt yourself , you are good enough. You can be brilliant in school, work, or your passion project. The Page is a Princess from Bhutan, the Hidden Holy Land, and the Lotus Garden of the Gods. Bhutanese refer to their lands as the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon. The princess is currently being prepared to play the role of Queen. You are also in training for the title that you will one day be ordained to. Rise up and unleash your inner brilliance!

Herald of the Waters. Inspire the Prodigy. Your empathy is the source of all your creativity. Your intuition knocks on the door and wants you to pay more attention. Listen to your intuition and you will find an important opportunity. The Herald, the Page of Chalices, is here to help you be more in touch with your emotions and to support you in your quest for true happiness. You can reach her for further guidance when you are on the path to your Holy Grail. This is an Inca nust’a (high-born) from Tawantinsuyu, 15th century. Nusta, the Quechua word meaning “princess, queen or feminine divine being”, is what Nusta means. Tawantinsuyu is the name that the Inca gave to their empire. This Herald is a prophecy about miracle-working.

Herald of the Winds. Ventures of the Dauntless – You are brave. Even if it’s still speculation, you’ll take on an enterprise. You can still chase fortune, even though the future may be uncertain. Be honest. Talk your truth. This is a Roma woman walking the Silk Road during The Byzantine Empire. She is holding a bronze sword she obtained by trade and her enchanted divination card in one hand. The mantra that invokes Vajrayogini, or the female essence of transcendental passion, is inscribed on her sword. This passion will allow you to break through any barrier. To move up, you must first move forward. People will listen when you speak with a commanding voice.

Herald for the Earth. Dedication to the Adept. The adepti were those who were skilled in the secrets arts of alchemy, mysticism, and magic. Mastery will be possible through hard work and dedication. This is the story of determination, perseverance, and grit. This is the art of demonstrating discipline to improve your craft. Be creative. Crowley refers to the Thoth Princess Of Disks (Page on Orbs), as a priestess for Demeter. The Herald of the Earth reminds us to give our bodies the tender care and nourishment it needs. Your body can hear you, so listen to your inner voice. Here is Bertha of Savoy (Duchy of Swabia), who was later to become the Holy Roman Empress. The supernova birth in midnight blue sky is now known as the Crab Nebula in Taurus. It occurred in the 11th Century. See also The Animated Work In Progress (Instagram video).

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