Astrology is basically a belief. It is the study of the influence that stars and planets have on human lives. The position of planets at the time of birth affects their personality, relationships, finance, career family, etc.

In astrology there are 12 zodiac signs mainly Cancer, Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Libra, Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini, and Pisces. Based on date of birth of the person a horoscope chart can be generated, and astrologers would predict personality, lifestyle, and prospects of the individual. Most of it may not be true as the analysis is done based on which planet is in which sign at the time of birth along with the 12 houses which are the 12 signs and the combination of the planets in each house. This is basically natal astrology. Solutions/Remedies are provided to overcome the challenges posed by some strong planetary combinations and their influences. These remedies basically suggest the person to wear a gemstone of the planet to ward off the evil/negative effects of the planet and provide positive vibrations or some commercial rituals which are very expensive in nature and based on the birth star date. But the question is if these remedies are result oriented or not.  Dr Hemanth Barua a world renowned and one of the top and best astrologers, the most authentic and genuine personality has come up with an ultimate solution after putting a lot of effort doing research. This ultimate solution is called Trimayasha.

Trimayasha is a Vedic prayer. In Vedic scripts like Brihat Parashar hora shastra, Saravali, Sarvarth Chintamani fragments of Trimayasha are given, but very unclear to what it is about and how it can be applied and what are the benefits of it.  The entire world needs to be thankful and grateful to this outstanding personality who has lit up the flames for the world to be a much better place to live and reduce the sufferings of the humans bothered by the planetary positions.

So, let’s understand what Trimayasha concept is and why it is so popular and why did Dr Hemanth Barua spend years of research on this concept.

Trimayasha is a Vedic remedy highly used one of the most proven and an expensive process. it is a huge Homma, in which all the material is used as per the person’s nakshatra and other planetary alignment for whom this remedy is being done for. It is a very deep involved process warding off evil from the grass roots. It is very effective process and assures guaranteed results to the doer of this remedy. It does not have any negative effect and triggers guaranteed results within 27 days after performing it.

Trimayasha involves huge number and loads of calculations as it is a guaranteed result-oriented mechanism and even a small error can screw up the entire process. The calculations take hours together. When the first Trimayasha was calculated. It took the effort of 6 whole days. Dr Hemanth Barua after dedicated research found a fabulous process to reduce to bring down the calculation time to 1 day. Hats off to this enchanting man whose brilliance shines an aura.