Tarot is more than just for divination. It can also be used to provide guidance. This series will explore the different advice options available for each card.

A Tarot deck can help you make informed decisions, face challenges with confidence, and identify alternate routes when needed. What is the result? You get the best guidance possible for your future.

Come join me every Friday for a new installment. Get ready to give some loving support and helpful advice to your Tarot readings.

This Week: The Empress

The Empress prefers a nurturing approach to situations. You may be asked to care for someone, a child, a project or yourself. Assume the role of caretaker. Be kind and gentle. As much as possible, take care of all people’s needs. Build security for everyone. Be maternal.

This card is also symbolic of motherhood. If you have a question about parenting, this Empress will be able to help you adapt her loving and protective nature.

Asking about having a child is a sign of good timing.

The Empress is associated with creativity. How can you express yourself best? You should be open to expressing your creativity, ideas and thoughts without any reservations. Do not be afraid to express your creativity, ideas or thoughts. This is the right time to ask about starting a creative venture.

This card is also the card for feminine leadership. It means that a situation might require a more gentle approach to achieve the goal. Sometimes matriarchy is better than going to warlord.

The Empress reversed.

Are you giving up to exhaustion? Do you care about everyone but yourself? If you are, you’re likely on the road to burnout. Take a step back and take care of yourself. You don’t have to take care of everyone else. You should be a priority.

This could also indicate that you have lost your power. This is the time to regain your power. This could be a time to establish a boundary and take a stand.

The Empress is often associated in relationships so this reverse could be advising that you get help or leave a relationship.

Questions to Ponder:

What problem are you trying solve? What can you do to best care for the person or situation? What are your ways of meeting the needs of others and your own? What are the steps you can take to regain your power?