The spread of daily tarot cards

My Daily Tarot Reading Spread was born from the inspiration of some Universal inspiration several years ago. It started with five cards at a given time, and then it moved to six. I finally added the sixth card to give me something to reflect on in the context of the reading.

The spread is a linear spread. It’s laid out in a straight line so you can read the cards sequentially. You can also read them with elemental dignities or card pairing.

Let’s take a look at these positions:

Self – This is me, today, how I feel, what I think, my attitude, my energy, and how I feel.

Theme – This is the theme of the day. I’ll give you an idea.

Challenges can be people or situations. However, it is a warning.

Responses – This is my most likely response to the challenge.

Advice – This is direct advice from the Universal Source that relates to the day.

Thought – The final Thought for the Day. This will either confirm the reading or challenge me to think more deeply.

If you respond negatively or ineffectively, the Advice card will help you determine the right response. It also shows how to adjust your situation by taking an action or a different approach to address any issues. If you prefer to prepare, you can change the Response to say “this was my suggested response”.

You can move the positions around and change their names to your liking. The beauty of this spread’s versatility is its flexibility. Have a look and play with it and see what you think. Use the comments section to let me know how it worked for you.


This is a wonderful tarot spread, and it can be used for any week. You can simply change the word ‘day’ to ‘week’ in your descriptions, and you’re done. If you feel the need to show off your tarot skills, you can use 2-3 cards per place. However, one card gives you a lot of information especially if you have other methods to assist you.

Here’s a reading I did this morning to show you how the Daily Tarot Spread works. This is the next week.

I have been feeling creative lately and I am able to think of many ideas. However, I must remain focused on my goals and purpose. I also need to maintain a healthy balance between work and my personal life.

Even though it will be a difficult week, it is still up to me how hard I work, make the right decisions, and just get on with the job, no matter how much work!

Readings without air cards could indicate that I am not thinking clearly or considering all my options well. It can also indicate that I have done enough research and am now implementing my plans. This reading is action-packed.

Add all the numerical values of the cards to this reading and they will total 40. This is the Emperor. It means that you need to have control and get the job done. No pussyfooting.

As you can see, pairing the cards gave me additional information and helped me to avoid distractions. They won’t help me get my work done. My productivity will suffer this week if I give in to my weaker side. This could also be why I feel so overwhelmed by the 10 of Wands. It would be easier to manage the 3 of Coins next week. The card in the Thoughts position has given me the tools and information I need to be more productive and complete my work this week.

This is why it’s one of my favorite spreads. Give it a go and let me know what you think. It can be used as the Daily Tarot Spread for the week ahead, or you can ask a question. It’s very accurate in getting to the heart of the issue.