Kyle loves Tarot and is a passionate foodie. Theresa is a Tarot reader and loves food.

Together we present Tarot by the Mouthful, a multi-media culinary tour that takes you through the world Tarot.

Sublime recipes. Stories that are deeply moving. Videos, essays, interviews, and delightful surprises.

Join Us – Get ready to sip and slurp your way through the entire Tarot Deck!

Intro: Tarot + Food = My two greatest loves, merged into one

The Fool: What do tarot and David Chang have in common? RISK.

The Magician: How to make magic in your kitchen (hint, get your tools in order).

The High Priestess: Intuition in the Kitchen (say it ten times fast).

The Empress – the mother of all tarot card and our favorite mom recipes.

The Emperor – What does it mean to be an authority on tarot…or food! Interview with Mary Greer, Kyle Cherek.

The Hierophant: Theresa, Escoffier, and mentors try Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s French omelet.

The Lovers: How to spice up your meal and how to exorcise the garden chef.

The Chariot – You know this requires a trip to a drive in, right?

Strength: Baking bread requires some power, yo.

The Hermit: How to become a great home chef or chef? Research, testing, and looking within.

The Wheel of Fortune – Working the line, change and the evolution of meals on wheels

Justice: Food and bad pho laws.

The Hanged Man: Getting out of the way for the ingredients, sacrificing + blessing the meals.

Death: Every exit is an entry and sacredness on the plates.

Temperance: Kyle & Theresa discover the secret to the perfect cocktail with Katie Rose of Goodkind.

The Devil: My addiction was sugar, and Aunt Deal was my dealer.

The Tower: Talkin’ about a Food Revolution.

The Star How I manage my destructive appetite with healthy habits.

The Moon – the shadow in your kitchen and the things you eat in the evening.

The Sun: It’s the joy of standing in a field full of sunflowers, and teaching children how to eat right.

Judgement – on higher callings.

The World – the world as a lady and expanding our palates one worldly plate at time.

Ace of Cups – Making connections through food and learning about love through the first meal.

Two of Cups: Partnerships despite simplifying + toasting.

Three of Cups – What happens when three women blaze through Milwaukee looking for vegan food? FUN. Enjoy this post.

Four of Cups: Avoiding boredom and no bad parts

Five of Cups – Don’t be distracted by what is gone… look at what’s left. Yep, leftovers!

Six of Cups – Kyle + I think back to the good times with candy and caviar.

Seven of Cups: Killing your darlings and avoiding “I don’t know what I’m cooking” dilemma.

Eight of Cups: On walking away and returning to your home.

Nine of Cups: Pleasure is great, but pants don’t lie.

Ten of Cups: Fatherly advice and food for cantankerous families

Page Of Cups: A tale of love and fish

Knight of Cups – Our picks for the two chefs who best represent the romance of the Knight of Cups, Brandon Weeks and Francis Mallman

Queen of Cups: Maria Miller, a local chef, is the ideal Queen of Cups.

King of Cups: Andy Schneider of Le Reve is our choice for King of Cups.

Ace of Wands – white heat + the spark which changed the world

Two Wands: planning a meal and tossing Michelen star.

Three of Wands: Adventure on a Plate…or in this instance, a Skewer.

Four of Wands: Celebrate with old traditions and new.

Five of Wands – Change + Challenge helps us grow…in our kitchen

Six of Wands – Rewards + Victory Kyle and Theresa discuss food awards and victory gardens.

Seven of Wands – Feel the fear and make bread anyways

Eight of Wands – Are food trends really progressing or just faddy?

Nine of Wands: The kitchen is a battlefield, but we keep going even when we fail.

Ten of Wands There are no heroes, but you can be one at the end a long day.

Page Of Wands: You can continue to be a student of food and tarot.

Knight Of Wands: Our picks for chefs who embody Knight of Wands – Marco Pierre White and Stefano Viglietti

Queen Of Wands: Our queen of fire, Katie Romenesko, is a local pastry chef.

King Of Wands: Watertown’s leader in cooking and grilling.

Ace of Swords Every kitchen needs an Oathkeeper.

Two Swords: How we feed ourselves in the future could be one of two options plus some kitchen contemplation.

Three of Swords: The heartbreaking decisions of a cook plus curing the blues after your favorite restaurant abandons you…with big bowls of ramen

Four of Swords: The healing power of Jacques Pepin, and why resting matters.

Five of Swords The Five of Swords can be disastrous in a professional kitchen. It’s genius in the home kitchen.

Six of Swords: Sometimes we just need to keep moving.

Seven of Swords – The Belly of Paris, and the stealthy cook at home.

Eight of Swords: What happens when we let ourselves go or decide to be free?

Nine Swords: When I’m sick, only one thing is possible.

Ten of Swords: The biggest kitchen disaster, ever.

Page Of Swords Kyle chooses Joey Dunscombe to be the Page of Swords. I then learn how to use a knife like an expert.

Knight of Swords Kyle selects Will Borgstrom as his Knight of Swords Chef – I’m officially out of kitchen bootcamp.

Queen Of Swords: All hail this queen! Kyle chooses Peggy Magister from Crazy Water to be his Queen of Swords, and I choose Amanda Freitag.

King Of Swords: Talking with Lee Frederick, the ultimate King among Swords, at Sharp Brothers knife sharpener.

Ace of Pentacles – In the culinary world, cash and gardens reign supreme.

Two of the Pentacles: We’re all multitaskers.

Three of Pentacles: Hustling and Learning.

Four of Pentacles: Protecting your secrets and preserving food.

Five of Pentacles: Eating well even if you’re broke.

Six of Pentacles – Keeping the balance and helping those in need.

Seven of Pentacles hard work and food waste

Eight of Pentacles – apprenticeship and quality cream puffs

Nine of Pentacles: Doing things on your terms + lux food photos

Ten of Pentacles: The real legacy starts at mealtime.

Page Of Pentacles: Keep learning.

Knight of Pentacles Kyle chooses Patrick McCormick, and I choose Jamie Oliver.

Queen Of Pentacles: Only celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli can do it.

King Of Pentacles: It’s good to be this earthy ruler.

The Tarot By The Mouthful Dinner – The culmination of this partnership is a six-course tarot-inspired meal with tarot interpretations and more! Also, The Tarot Coloring Book was launched!

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That’s it! The whole thing is over. Bonne alimentation!

Theresa und Kyle

The Tarot Lady 2016

images by Jessica Kaminski