The Sun

Say “Yes!”

The Sun, one of the most basic cards in the entire tarot deck, is synonymous with joy in its purest form.

It’s all about success, luck, and things going your way. The Sun is a life-force, radiating warmth and light to all that it touches. It promotes growth and brings life to all things. This card is full of positive energy and it shines with it.

The Sun reminds us that we should connect to the simple joys of life, those things that make us happier, lighter and more connected. It’s about being grateful for all the good things in our lives, realising that there is plenty, saying yes and thanking you deeply.

Practicing spiritual gratitude can be difficult at first but it becomes an important part of our lives. There is nothing we can prove. All that’s required of us is to be ourselves. The Sun encourages us to be proud and accept our good fortune. It calls us to say yes and stand tall. Yes to the good things in life. Yes to our own self. All of it.

This card could feel like you are finally waking from hibernation. After a long winter, it’s nice to feel the sun’s rays upon our faces. We are now awake, refreshed, and ready for action. It’s the light that lights up our faces, encouraging us to get up and embrace each day.

Advice from the Sun

This card is a reminder to be grateful. Make a list of all the things that bring you joy and thank them for them. You can practice noticing the blessings in your life and the beauty around you. Consider the possibility of positivity and how it feels like to see your life with this possibility in mind.

Sometimes, this is easy – when the glass is half empty and the future (and even more importantly the present), feels bright, it’s easy for one to feel optimistic. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the positive side. It can be difficult to practice gratitude and look for the good things in your life. It’s worth it. There’s energy out there that can help you.

This card will help you recognize the Sun’s essence and encourage you to feel it. This card is not about trying to ‘keep yourself together’ or offering any sort of “cure” for grief or depression. It’s about being conscious of the possibility of happiness and moving gently in that direction. You deserve joy in your life. It’s possible.

The Sun can help you stop worrying and to just be present. The Sun can tell you to get out there and grab it or to stop and smell all the roses. You need to get back to the core of the matter. What is the best thing about this? What makes it worthwhile? Let this guide you.

It encourages you to simplify your circumstances, your search, and your fears. You should be focused on the important things, what is authentic, what is meaningful.

Be connected to the things that bring you joy. Celebrate movement, music, inspriation, dance. Let your hair down and enjoy the game.

Key words and concepts


Saying “Yes”


Practice gratitude

Everything comes together with success

Simple pleasures in life

You can simply let go and be.

Start an exciting project

Connecting to a dynamic force in your life

Here are some common symbols

Warm, yellow rays from the sun (life force, life energy)

Sunflowers (growth, renewal)

Simple: A naked person or child (simplicity).