The Tower

Revolution hurts

The Tower is a simple symbol that means The fall of the status quo.

The Tower, whatever it may represent in your interpretation, comes to an abrupt halt. Everything you believed to be true suddenly turns out to be false. It can seem like the world is changing and it can be overwhelming. The card’s traditional image of lightening destroying towers is extremely frightening. The ground is unstable beneath our feet. We don’t know where to hold on.

It could be a sign of something external, such as a falling power structure. Or it could be an internal struggle to overcome a significant and destabilizing change. It could be the end of a long, bloody struggle. It could also be completely unexpected.

Life will never be the exact same.

Death taught us that change can be difficult. It can be very brutal with the Tower. The Tower’s brand of change is usually a crisis. Death’s can be slow and organic. It hurts. People get hurt. It’s hard to know what your next move will be. You might feel lost or ruined.

While the Tower can point to such an incident – a seismic change, internal or exterior (think the DevilThe Wheel), etc., it is also asking the pressing and important question: “What next?”

The possibility of starting again is built into the destruction of everything that was once solid. Many tarot readers refer to their own “Tower moments”, which are those very difficult and huge moments in our lives. Although it was frightening at the time, the aftermath might have been difficult. However, the dust settled and things improved.

It’s the time to make a change.

Advice from the Tower

Being fired, being outed and getting fired. Being called out completely (and being able learn from it). These are examples of Tower moments. These are shock events that can be incredibly difficult, but ultimately help us move forwards to the point of no return.

The dust will eventually settle. You will then be left standing in the rubble watching the air change. You may need to grieve, say goodbye or tie up loose ends. You may feel scared or lost. But. There is still space for something else.

The Tower has a gentler side, and can just bear witness to your sorrow. After the death of a loved person or an extremely tragic event, you don’t have to begin’rebuilding something better. This card places a hand on your shoulder, saying “this is difficult.” It is. It’s OK to feel sideways.

The Tower is about the next steps once you’re ready. Preparing for rebuilding. What was the problem with the old method? What can we do better? Find the courage to create a world that is more compassionate, just, honest, or any other way you see fit.

Key words and concepts





Demolition of existing structures and demolition of the status-quo

Toppleling systems of power (on large or small scales)


Make way for the New

Find a new way

Rebuilding after disaster

A blessing disguised as a tragedy

Rehabilitation. Regeneration

Here are some common symbols

Lightening (a sudden shock, disaster, destruction)

A tower (the old establishment or the old way).

Falling people (fallout; harsh consequences)