The World


And when we finally are able to do so – to listen Judgement and accept and love ourselves fully? We are here, in the World.

We now understand the Fool’s journey.

Self-actualisation. Becoming. Being whole. Understanding our totality, our completeness. Realizing that we are one in the Universe and embracing that truth on a deep, personal level in our bones, hearts, minds, and souls.

The world is nearing completion. It may take place in the massive, personal-transforming way that I described, or in smaller ways. Realizing a large project. The end of a difficult journey. It’s the culmination of all your hard work, all the lessons learned and all the effort you have put in. It’s the pinnacle. It is the final milestone. The end.

As we have seen, completion of a cycle can carry within it the seed for a new beginning. Rebirth is contained within death. The path to liberation is through judgment. The Tower gives us a blank canvas. The Wheel… it spins and turns. We are always faced with the possibility of starting again, when we reach the point of fulfillment inherent in the world.

We conquer the World. We celebrate. We then go back to the beginning. We become again the Fool.

Advice from around the world

If you believe that there is, this could be about discovering your soul’s calling. Listening to what you really want. Living the life that you want. You can be the person you want to become (hint: it’s already inside you – all you have to do is step into it).

Consider what the concept of “completion” means to you. How would you feel if you felt complete? To feel complete, to have all your parts merged into one and to be in alignment with your soul’s desires. It’s about living truthfully. Take some time to think about what this means.

Your goal is represented by the World. You can know when you are working towards something that the end is near or that your goal matters and is worth the effort. It might be asking you focus (like the Chariot). It is encouraging you to strive for your goals.

You have evolved. You have changed. You’ve been through a whole cycle and have learned valuable lessons about yourself. This is something you should celebrate. Host a party! Have fun, dance! This is a wonderful, unforgettable moment. You can be proud of yourself. This is possible. It was possible.

All of this, this energy of wholeness will soon fade. As life changes again, it will fade and you’ll be able to begin over. You are stronger, smarter, and more you than when you started. Your next adventure will be new, with new challenges and new experiences. You are the Fool filled with endless possibilities, so surrender to this cyclical flow.

Key words and concepts


Feeling whole

Knowing your place in the world and having a sense for it is key.

Deeply connected to all things

Attaining your goal

Finalizing projects and bringing them to an end

Concentrate on your goal


Prepare to start over

Common symbols

A dancer (pure self-expression)

Flags (movement, joy)

Wands (magic).

Circles (wholeness and completion, cycles)