There is no numerical value on the tarot cards, but you can easily assign one so you can include them in your numerological work in a reading. We have a number of options, starting with the simple sequence method which I will explore below.
From the card count value to the Qabbalistic values of the cards, you can determine their value. Let’s take a closer look at the sequence technique.

We can continue counting beyond ten and apply the number eleven to the Page.
So that the court cards appear like this:

Page/Princess = 11

Knight/Prince = 12

Queen = 13

King = 14

When we compare these numbers with the Major Arcana we get the following associations.

Page/Princess = 11, Justice

Hanged Man

Queen = 13 – Death

King = 14 – Temperance

It might appear difficult to combine these cards, but if you think about their strengths, it isn’t.

Justice sends messages in all forms.

The Hanged Man is a warrior who asks for us to sacrifice ourselves.

Queens nurture and promote our growth. Death is transformation.

Temperance is the key to serenity.

The court cards must be included in the numbering of the Minor Arcana.
We will now use the reduction technique in order to:

Pages = 11- Justice / 1+1 = 2 (11/2), – high priestess, and the 2s

Knights = 12 = Hanged Man/ 1 + 2 = 3. (12/3) – Empressand 3s

Queens = Death/ 1 + 3 = 4 (13/4)- Emperorand 4s

King = Temperance/ 1 + 4 = 5, (14/5)- Hierophantand 5s

You’re probably thinking that it’s a pity that the queens did not end up with the Empress.
We would not have been able to study this if we had accompanied the Emperor.
Explore these cards further to learn more about them.

The Pages have a number of 11, which is known in numerology as a master or a’master number.
it’s special. It’s the number Illumination. Ideas, inspirations, information that seems to come from nowhere, or from beyond the veil? The pages are now reduced to 2, and it is easy to understand their connection to psychism, and the bringing of hidden or unknown information.

The Knights are not only willing to sacrifice, but also great builders and creators.
They are the modern equivalent of the military and bring harmony and order to communities wherever they operate.
Others fail. The 3 and Empress are the epitome for building, creating and repairing.

Queens with their heavy 13 and the responsibility for transformation will not disappoint.
leaders. They are brilliant organizers and leaders in their own rights throughout the centuries.
Fitting Emperors is a matter of bringing about the necessary changes and, as with knights, having the ability to
Build and repair. It is true that “behind each great man you will find an equally impressive woman”.
How true.

The Kings, with their calm and temperate 14, are a perfect match for the serenity and stability of the Hierophant. They also represent the state structure and, in the past, even monarchs were ruled over by popes.

NoteWe are not saying that all Pages are the Same as the High Priestess, or the 2s of the Minor Arcana. We do not say that the Knights and the Hanged Man are the same, or that the Queens and Death are the same.

We are saying that the court cards function or operate in a similar way to their Major Arcana counterparts.

Using the Numerology of Court Cards in a Reading

You can find an advice card by adding up the numerical values in your tarot cards. The following cards, for example, add up to 22, which is reduced to 4.

10 Wands

3 – Empress

9 – Hermit

10 + 3 + 9 = 22/4

In numerology, number 22 represents the Master Builder. In tarot 4 represents the Empire. This would be the additional advice given to the questioner, such as a solution to their problem, or the archetype they should embody in order to achieve success.

If we wanted to add another court card, like the page of Wands, we would simply add 11, which when added to 22 gives us the Master Number 33. Hans Decoz says that it gives “guidance for the world.” This is if we take this literally. These four tarots are special.

The Lovers is the result of reducing the 33 using the method above. 3 + 3 = 6 = 33/6 =. The Lovers would be the advice card, but the value of 6 has its own meaning.

6 – Movement, balance, solutions, harmony, healing, empathy.

When we add up all four cards, an interesting thing happens. The cards’ values were not reduced to single digits when they were added together. We would have still arrived at 6 if we did this, as numbers are beautiful. It is worthwhile to try this method as there are only two ways to get the number six.

10 Wands = 1 (10/1)

Empress = 3

Hermit = 9

Page of Wands = 1 (1 1/2)

Route one: 1 + 3 = 9 + 2 = 15 + 15/6 (1 + 6 = 6)

Route two: 10 + 3, 9 + 11, = 33 – 6 (3 + 3).

The Rider’s route one includes the Devil (no. 15) which is visually similar to the Lovers (6).

The second route is more focused on spirituality.

Which is better? We can’t say that one is better than the other, but the presence of both the Devil and the Master Number 33 may reveal a different side of the reading. It could be a kind of upright reading or reversed reading. A new card is revealed by the numerology in your reading, and this gives you a different spread position.

What you cannot see

Unknown Factor

And so on.

You can get more information by adding up the values of all the cards in a reading.
It will either confirm or expand the main message. This will definitely enrich it
This is an exercise that you should try.