Feng shui, or feng shui, is the study of creating harmony and support in your environment to achieve desired mental states. It is based on the theory of metaphysical energies. There’s Qi. Qi is the binary between yin/yang. There are three types of form: heavens, earths, and mans. There are eight trigrams, the Ba Gua, and the magic square. These can be used to identify both the He Tu or the Lo Shu. These theoretical principles are the foundation of Feng Shui.

Qi, also known as energy or Qi, is influenced by the environment and moves through a house or living space in a particular way. This can be described using the above theoretical principles. These principles can also be used to identify the energy within the house. Boom happens when elements collide. Bad luck. Harmony is the key to happiness, joy and joy. This is the essence of feng shui.

My day job involved real estate law. I was able to learn a lot about real estate valuation from brokers. The principles that they use for valuation are very similar to basic feng-shui principles. For example, the principle of conformity states that land’s maximum value can be derived if it is used in a compatible manner and is architecturally harmonious with its surroundings.

I think of the interplay of Sheng Qi, Si Qi (atrophic Qi), Sha Qi and Poison Arrows as a form of negative Qi. As a foundation for real estate valuation, the principle of balance is also a fundamental part of feng-shui. Feng shui analysis considers all factors that can influence the home’s market value, including physical hazards, geopathic stresses, and major transportation systems. Even if you don’t believe in the philosophy of feng-shui, adhering to these principles willimprove your home’s market value, and help you when you are house hunting to identify the most valuable property.

The expectations of real estate brokers include understanding valuation factors like corner influence (corner residential properties are better than corner commercial), parcel shape (irregular forms have less value that rectangular shapes), thoroughfare conditions (width, congestion, parking, pavement, etc. ), exposure (directionality. South and west are better for business under real estate and fengshui principles. ), and topography (flat is better than sloped). These are all factors that a master of feng Shui considers when analyzing property.

Feng shui is about economy. If you don’t like the philosophical metaphysical ramblings of feng-shui, learn how to use fengshui to find the best real estate parcel to buy, or the best place to start a business. Or how to maximize the sale of your property or optimize your business premises so that you can bring in more customers. Feng shui principles can help you achieve all of these goals. Feng shui can help you choose the best living space for your comfort, stability, wealth and emotional fulfillment.

You intuitively know feng shui. You are familiar with how clutter can make you feel. It’s easy to feel frustrated when an amateur interior designer sprays a house with red, orange, and black or when the decor is cluttered with sharp edges.

A house located on a block is likely to give you comfort or discomfort. Many folk witchcraft traditions speak of the energy that is emitted by intersections. This is also feng-shui. Feng shui considers intersections a major deal. Feng shui is essentially a vocabulary that expresses the intuitive feelings we feel when we enter a space. Feng shui is a set of vocabulary to express the intuitive feelings we get when we enter a place.

Feng shui can also be described as philosophy. There are no perfect pieces of land. When you are looking for a home or business location, you will need to set some limiting parameters. Feng shui doesn’t aim to help you find the perfect spot. It is about learning how to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then using that information to make a calculated and informed decision.

Feng shui teaches that your fate (the land parcel you are buying) is neither entirely auspicious nor completely inauspicious. Although it’s an uncommon combination of both, some fates or properties have more luck than others. Willpower and ingenuity are what can change fate. Feng shui remedies can help you alter your destiny and make it your own. Feng shui teaches how to take control of your destiny.