Some office workers do not like the salary they are receiving at their current job, while others get tired of the 5 day work week.

Introverts have a difficult time maintaining long-term relationships with others.

To remain competitive and competent, freelancers familiar with the area of work must enhance their skills and knowledge.

These blog posts will prove useful to both new freelancers as well as those who are looking to improve their performance

Top 10 blog posts 2023 by Freelancers

Freelancing is a great way to make money. It’s a good alternative to traditional jobs.

Some office workers do not like the salary they are receiving at their current job, while others get tired of the 5 day work week.

Introverts have a difficult time maintaining long-term relationships with others.

To remain competitive and competent, freelancers familiar with the area of work must enhance their skills and knowledge


These blog posts will prove useful to both new freelancers as well as those who are looking to improve their performance.


You can learn about the current trends, challenges and opportunities in freelancing by reviewing the top 10 blog posts of 2018.

1. How to Manage Your Time Like a Pro and Get More Done

from a tech entrepreneur Hammad Akbar at Upwork

Blogs are a must for the best freelance sites. Upwork is included.

It is no secret that freelancing projects can be time-consuming.

Akbar’s blog suggests using a matrix to prioritize and organize everything.

Plan as meticulously and carefully as you can, even if you do not respect future plans. You should write down every action that you have to take and consider how to connect them.

Describe your plan for communicating with clients at every stage.


Why would I waste my time doing this?

It’s easy to overlook the simple things that are important for your health and well-being and the outcome of your work when you have an urgent project.

The author recommends using the Pomodoro method, which breaks your work at intervals.

Work for 25 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes.

Each freelancer should determine their own limits and work within them.

You can still achieve more.

The opposite is true:

Learn, Try, and Grow!

Plan your workload and limit the number of freelance writing projects you can take on. Then your endless missed deadlines work will turn into a joyful work.

Stop procrastinating and leave some time to deal with the unexpected.


A successful freelancer is one who is happy.

2. Five ways freelancers can keep clients coming back for more

Alli Manning, Director of Contently’s Creative Network of Freelancers, on The Freelancer

Bloggers who work freelance know how pleasant and comfortable it is to have regular clients whose needs and preferences are well-defined.

The author explains how to convert casual clients into long-term customers.

Freelancers are aware that their work has pros and cons.

Here’s a good example:

It is not necessary to leave the party or jump up from the table saying “I am sorry, I must go to work” because you need to get up earlier. You can pick projects you enjoy and your job will be hard to describe as boring.


You can do it, but there is one major problem: you have to constantly look for new customers. Let’s get to work!

Reviewing freelance resources and the experience of freelancers, it is evident that each customer has their own pace and timeframe. It is important to listen and read carefully, and to ask questions about the work that needs to be done. To get feedback on your writing, you may wish to ask for an outline approval.

Learn more about how to keep your customers happy and become a freelancer.

3. There are 50 niches to explore for freelance writing jobs that pay well.

from an experienced freelancer Carol Tice about Make a Living by Writing

This blog post on local freelance writers lists the most requested freelance writing fields.

Carol Tice is a famous writer who runs a blog for freelancers. It contains valuable advice and tips.

You can explore your freelance career options if you consider yourself to be a responsible, independent and self-confident “free writer” who is tired of the daily grind at work.

Select the projects you are interested in and set your own terms of engagement. Customers will be sure to offer cooperation if they find you interesting.

Writing gigs include advertorials, brochures, brand slogans, annual reports and articles. It is worth reading this post as it includes approximate pay rates for each position!

4. The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Editing

by Maddy Osman, a content creator on The Write Life blog

This is a situation that every freelancer knows:

The client wants to make changes to your assignment.

If the client is understood, then there’s no need to worry.

They most likely received an order either from their boss or instructor. This is worse when it becomes a habit. No order will be completed without any corrections.

Maddy Osman offers some tips to reduce the amount of edits.

As an example:

The author says that a freelancer can improve their situation by paying more attention to grammar and parallelism.

It is easier to avoid future mistakes and schedule edits if you become a good editor.

This is a post that will help you learn how to edit on your path to becoming a blogger and securing prestigious freelance positions.

5. Ten lessons learned from 10 years as a freelancer

By a blog member Lori Bumgarner at Freelancers Union

Success is not a mystery!

This blog of the freelancers union presents a post by a talented writer who shares her experiences and tells about what she has learned in 10 years as a freelancing.

There are many advantages to using this product.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about how to succeed. You have already prepared a template or plan of action.

It’s all very simple.

Follow the instructions step-by-step.

Lori Bumgarner highlights the following lessons:


Lifelong learning

The ability to say “no”

risk realization

The inevitable extent of fear and so on.

Each lesson is explained in detail so that readers can understand the main point of the author.

You will benefit from the information that is provided by this blog. Freelancers Union Blog, one of the top writing blogs, is worth noting.

6. How to Earn $5,000 per month with Freelance Blogging

from an experienced freelancer Carol Tice about Make a Living by Writing

You can earn money by writing for yourself online.

This blog post will teach you how to increase your income.

When hiring a freelancer the customer evaluates a portfolio as well as a level of performance.

It is important that candidates are able to communicate well. You will build trust with your customers if you are able to communicate clearly and effectively.

Can you answer the questions they ask?

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. What are they looking for and how can you help them?

As your projects improve and your reputation increases, you will need more clients.

Prioritize those clients who are willing to pay as much as your service is worth. Show potential clients the value of your services and how it will benefit their business.

How do you evaluate the potential of a niche market?

This niche is ideal if there are many projects with good budgets but few answers and views.

It is characterized by low competition, and clients have a difficult time finding a freelancer. The demand for services is also high and you will find it easy to get the work that you need.

Continue reading to find out more!

7. Setting 2018 Writing Goals (& Getting Your Priorities Straight)

from a professional free-lance writer Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Blog

Set realistic goals for 2018. Jennifer Mattern offers tips on how to prioritize and choose the right blog sites for making money.

Subscribe to All Freelance writing Blog and you will receive timely updates on freelance writing, as well as many other interesting freelance topics. Remember that freelance recruiters will be observing these issues.

8. Work Smart: I can get more done in less time

by Leah Kalamakis, the founder of Freelance to Freedom Project blog

A freelance copywriter’s productivity is their cornerstone.

Batching is easy!

You can batch your time in many ways.

By topic, service goal or time pocket, and by business goal.

While freelance work may seem like “I can do whatever I want”, it is actually the exact opposite.

Only you can control your own actions. Daily planning is therefore a hundred times as important for a manager in an office.

However, there are some subtleties:

Priority planning is a much better option for a freelancer. Make a list in order of priority of the cases you will be handling that day. Do not plan each hour.

Beware of the batcher!

When batching, consistency and rituals should be considered.

9. Avoid burning bridges by preventing clients from expecting free work

by freelance contributor Nick Darlington for FreshBooks blog

When their clients ask for minor edits, many freelance marketing writers, screenwriters and other content creators are confused. Many customers are happy to give them freebies and let them do whatever they want.

When such add-ons become a habit, it’s not okay.

You can ask your client for the final version and start immediately.


It’s not your fault if the customer isn’t managing their business properly.

All edits must be specific and measurable. For example, “add some specifics”–immeasurable, and “customers do not notice the search form” does not contain any action.

The customer must understand that the freelancer isn’t a project manager and won’t solve side issues. You propose your decision, and then explain that it may be ignored if another idea is better.

10. Top 10 Freelance Bloggers to Follow in 2017

by freelance writer Junaid arshad on Freelance Bundle Blog

It is impossible to read all the posts on blogs and in articles written by and for freelancers.

There are many resources that freelancers can use.

Freelance Bundle Blog provides you with a list of valuable links to blogs that offer advice, so you don’t have to surf the internet endlessly in search of useful sites.

The best freelance blogs, freelance websites, and other blogs were reviewed. They included Upwork Blogs, Freelance to Freedom Projects, The Freelancer by Contently and others.

The blogs mentioned offer useful tips and ideas for finding freelancers and clients.

Add your own ideas to the list!

The freelance writers learned some of the principles and tips described above from people who have taught them how they can earn remotely.

They developed the other part based on personal experience and their palette. The goal of all these tips, no matter where they are generated or heard, is to make freelancers successful, aware, and effective.

Be aware of the latest trends and be prepared to react.

Subscribe to newsletters on specific topics, read blogs and online publications and take part in professional discussions.

Best of luck!