Temperance tarot is one of the major tarot Arcana cards which are used in both tarot games and divination. Tarot cards are used to know the mysteries of life. Taro card reading is not a new practice. It is related to ancient people who used to predict future with the help of these cards. Tarot cards consist of the deck of seventy eight cards. All the cards have unique pictures related to different aspects of life and nature of man. Tarot cards were actually originated as a game but people associated divinity with them and started using them as a means to know about future.

Tarot is a tool to analyze, predict and provide suggestions for people, things and things. This definition is accurate, direct and widely recognized by the Tarot community. Tarot cards can be used for different purposes, such as love, interpersonal relationship, work (study), etc. Some scholars use Tarot divination as psychological counseling, but generally only use the analytical function of Tarot.

Tarot is an ancient divination tool. Its origin has always been a mysterious legend. Many experts studying occult try to find a clue. Ancient Egyptian doctrine, Italian doctrine, Gypsy doctrine and Jewish doctrine have not really explained its origin. But it does not affect its mysterious ability.

Tarot cards have an order which make it more like a pictorial story. All of them tell us about different mysteries of life. All tarot cards have a specific order and for tarot card readers it is important to know that order because each card plays a unique role in this order. The number or order of the card also affects its importance. There are minor Arcana and major Arcana cards. Major Arcana are comparatively more important than minor Arcana cards.

Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance card is the 14th card in the deck of tarot cards. The image on this card is that of a red-colored winged person or angel pouring water from one golden pot to another. The angel is standing with one foot on ground and the other one on the water of a pond. The background picture is of a landscape. There are lilies blossomed in the greenery at one side of the angel and the way leading from the pond to the far off mountains where there is golden sunshine. There is a halo around the golden hair and crown of the angel. A triangle of golden color is embedded in a square on the robe of the angel.  There are different words that are often related to this card such as balance, healing, harmony, unification, moderation, merging opposite forces, joining, proportion, and so on. The meaning interpreted from this card can differ from reader to reader as the personal life and surroundings of a person have a great impact in a man’s life. Almost all tarot cards symbolize the importance of balance in life. The image on this temperance tarot card also refers to the same meaning.

When temperance card appears during the reading process it suggests that balance is needed in the life or the particular aspect of the life of the person who asked the question or for whom the cards are being read. As an answer to a question temperance tarot tells that merging or bringing together the opposite ideas, feelings, persons or forces is the best choice in that situation. In different positions such as past, present and future the tarot card is differently interpreted. In past position it means that you have acted calmly and with integrity in a situation. In present situation it suggests the moderation in action and in future it position it means that your struggles will end fruitfully no matter how hard a thing is. Thus it is the most welcoming card in tarot reading.