We are grateful for the time, effort and love you have put into this course. It is impossible to express my gratitude for the wonderful journey you have created. I gained so much knowledge that I had to open so many closets. There were many spiders hiding in )…. I was unsure what I would see and was unsure if I could keep up. It was easy to enjoy every second.

How it works

There are eight chapters in the course. The course is divided into eight chapters. Each week you will be working on one chapter. However, you can start whenever you want and move at your own pace.

Each chapter focuses on a particular theme and is followed by a series engaging exercises.
These activities are either fun, thought-provoking or deep and will help you dig deeper into your cards and learn more about them. You can choose from a variety of activities each week, or you can complete them all.

Each chapter will also come with a workbook.
You can print the entire course, or you can write the exercises in your journal.

Create your own weekly reading routine.

Each chapter ends with a new spread, as well as guidance on how to make this an ongoing weekly event.

A regular ‘daily’ card practice will also be built.
With journalling prompts that encourage you to connect the card with events or experiences in your life. This will help you get to know each card personally.

The Little Red Tarot Guidebook

All Our Stories This handbook is for anyone who wants to free their tarot practice, and find their unique story in the cards. I offer my interpretations of the tarot as a springboard for your own.

This book is for both beginners and experienced readers. It’s a great companion to the Alternate Tarot Course!

You will also receive a randomly selected tarot card, from our lucky dip collection, with your purchase

Are you looking for an eBook version? It’s here!

The art of reading the tarot is telling stories. Find stories, claim them, shape them, and make them your own.

Every human experience is contained within the 78 cards that make up the tarot. Both the good and the ugly. The mundane and the earth-shattering. Love and hope. Inspiration and fear. Oppression, justice, and liberation. Integration and transformation

This accessible guidebook explains how tarot can help us take control of everything and more so that we can tell our unique, beautiful, and messy life stories. Her tarot approach is based on subjectivity and self-care and empowers us to envision new and better futures for our communities and ourselves.

The book also serves as a reference guide and provides meanings for all 78 cards. This book is appropriate for both beginners and more advanced tarot readers. It can also be used with any other tarot deck.

All of Our Stories is a great companion to the Alter Tarot Course

First edition. First edition printed in the UK on FSC certified papers.