We are grateful for your support of a micro-business.

Little Red Tarot takes great pride in offering friendly and helpful customer services. But this is not Amazon. Our team consists of two people who work part-time and prioritize their wellbeing and fun.

Please take a moment to read this page before you contact us. It contains the answers to most of your questions!

If this does not answer you, please email shop@littleredtarot.com for assistance.

Please mention your order number.

While we prioritize urgent requests, please note that we are not always in the shop . So please give us a bit of time to respond.

We are grateful!

Shipping & Delivery

We usually ship Mondays and Thursdays.


Royal Mail Standard or Tracked (Special Delivery).

Royal Mail Tracked International.

We regret not being able to ship to the EU anymore.

Your order will be marked complete once it has shipped. An order marked as ‘processing” means that it is still awaiting shipment. You will receive an automatic email from Little Red Tarot Shop when your order ships. If you don’t see the shipping confirmation email, check your spam folder (especially for Gmail users). If you do not see a shipping confirmation, please check your spam folder (especially if you are using Gmail!) for the most current order status.

Monitoring numbers

After your order ships, you will receive your tracking numbers. This may take up to 1-3 days. It will be displayed on your account page. To access your tracking number and order information, you will need to create an account. If you check out as a Guest, email shop@littleredtarot.com to request your tracking info (email replies can sometimes take 2-3 days).


Due to the pandemic in the United States, delivery services are experiencing delays and disruptions around the globe. In some cases, deliveries have been stopped. This is a temporary situation. At this moment, we are unable guarantee delivery times.

Please refer to the country information here to ensure that you are aware of all details before placing an order. Delivery to Ukraine is currently underway but may be subject to delays.

International customers Please verify your tracking information before you contact us. Often,’missing” parcels are waiting at local depots to be picked up by recipients. You will be charged for reshipping if parcels are returned because they were not collected at your local depot.

The shipping address you provide is used to print addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your parcel arrives on time. In such cases, refunds or replacements are not possible.

Follow your tracking information. Your number will appear on your account. It is your responsibility to ensure that your parcel arrives safely. No refunds or replacements are available.

We will contact you to arrange reshipping if your parcel is returned. To ship, you will need to confirm your shipping address and pay for shipping again.

In countries where art, books, paper or esoteric items are restricted/prohibited, we cannot be responsible for parcels that are censored, delayed or destroyed. You must be familiar with the laws in your country. Refunds are not possible in these cases.

Refunds, replacements and returns

We take pride in the products we sell and will ensure that your items arrive in excellent condition. Please speak to us as soon as possible if your item is at all damaged or faulty by emailing shop@littleredtarot.com.

We will replace any item found to be defective within one week * after receiving it. The replacement will usually be sent immediately and free of charge. It may be a single card, or a new item depending on the problem.

If you aren’t happy with the item, have made a change of mind or don’t agree with it, we cannot accept returns. We encourage you to shop with care and are happy to answer any questions before purchasing.

Items that are not delivered due to your fault (e.g. If you are unable to collect your parcel from your local depot or post office, an error in your shipping address, or if your neighbour takes your parcel, refunds will not be available.

LRT will contact you if your parcel is returned. We will then send a request for payment to repeat shipping. Once payment has been received, we will send your item back.

Digital items can be delivered instantly via email and are accessible on your account webpage.


The item marked ‘available on backorder’ does not exist at the moment. This is because we are waiting for new stock to arrive. You can order the item and pay immediately. We will reserve your copy for you in our next shipment. When the item is in stock, your order will be shipped.

Please note that if your order includes multiple items, a pre-order or back-order will hold the order. You can place separate orders if you need your in-stock items faster. Your order will be shipped together if all back-ordered items are in stock.

I would like to cancel my order

If your order has not been shipped, you can cancel it yourself. Log into your account and click “cancel” beside the order. Your order will be placed on hold and will not be shipped. We will cancel your order when we get back from the shop. If a payment was made via PayPal, this will be refunded.

Most cancellations can be processed in a matter of days or less. However, we are not open every day so it could take us a few days to process your cancellation. We are sorry if there is a delay. We’ll get it fixed as soon as possible!

We cannot cancel orders that have already been shipped. You can return an order that is already on its way to us for a full refund (you will need to pay the postage).

Do you have any other suggestions?

Any enquiries about your order not answered above should be sent to shop@littleredtarot.com.

We are grateful for your support of independent artists, creators and healers, as well as for your business!

Beth – Owner/Manager