An interesting saying is found in front of an university’s astronomy office: If you use the term astrologer for astronomers, it may be that you are just a star watcher. This hint is undoubtedly telling us that astronomy is in an entirely different place today than astrology. Astronomy can be found in science museums and museums of astronomy, but astrology is a form of fortune telling that includes drama and performance. It is more often a trick that fortune-tellers who claim they can predict the future use to make you believe.

Astronomy, a science that describes natural phenomena in a systematic way, can be verified by science. Astrology, on the other hand, is pseudoscience that is mixed with superstition. It is an amalgamation of many beliefs. They claim to be able to explain the movements of celestial bodies scientifically. It is actually a science disguised as science based on the movement of celestial body. If you confront an astronomer or scientist who confuses astronomy and astrology, it is likely that he will be angry.

Astrology has little influence on science today. Astrologers are limited to sharing their personal experience with people to help them find the dream lover and the golden bowl. However, the truth is not in doubt. It was therefore no surprise that the American people made a mockery when it was revealed that Nancy Reagan’s wife was astrologer and sought out advice from them. Because they believe the First Lady is too easy for them to fool.

The relationship between them has changed over time. It was actually only a few hundred year ago that people started to see the difference between astrology and astronomy. Before then, the supreme power was held by astrologers. They were sacrificial. They had the right of submitting opinions and suggestions to the Emperor, supervising land construction, and also deciding whether or not to fight. You can see that the ancients had a different view of the world than modern people.

Imagine the Mayan imperial life.

The emperor was meticulous in his political affairs and well-managed. His empire was prosper and his people lived in peace and contentment. The country was hit by a severe drought. The country was hit hard by drought. Crops withered and prey fled to other areas. People began to starve from lack of food. The empire’s order was in ruins within a matter of seconds. The emperor didn’t know what was happening. He loved his subjects as a wise king and they loved him. They trusted him. All his enemies fear him because he is strong and skilled at fighting. His empire is now in decline. He could only think of one thing at this point: he had done something wrong. God was angry and he was punished by God. God must have seen something wrong in his soul to cause no rain to moisten this land.

He might be an ordinary person if he could look up to God and find God’s image, and ask God for inspiration. He is not an ordinary man, but a monarch. He only had to summon the high priests or court astrologers or ask for the assistance of anyone who had studied celestial phenomena to help him understand the situation and restore his old rule. These people might be able to provide some insight into the problem by carefully observing the stars and interpreting their meanings. The rain will eventually spread across the land, and everything will be back to normal. His supreme power will be preserved and his empire will again prosper.

This experience was undoubtedly a unique one for the emperor. He would feel guilty about offending God and be satisfied that his astrologers could accurately predict the positions of the planets, as well as how to please God. He will be giving astrologers a high ranking status to make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes in the future. He started to seek their help and asked them to advise him on when to farm or fight depending on the planet’s position. Gradually, he made the astrologer his main adviser, even for the next successor.

According to the Emperor’s view, if there is an emperor in the sky, then it is important that people can study the various phenomena in the endless skies. Only they can help the emperor to understand the will and intentions of the god. The emperor sees the suggestions of astrologers as both tools and weapons that are conducive for his stable rule. He can’t be foolish enough to ignore such people. The ancients understood the close relationship between celestial phenomena, power, and other factors. The celestial phenomena could help the Emperor to retain his power and also decide whether he can survive the year.

We only look at the sky today, as opposed to the Mayans. These studies do not have any bearing on who came to power, or when seeds were started. The public will not see any immediate benefit or benefits from today’s astronomy. This is because the movement and direction of the planets does not affect who wins or loses in a war. It also cannot determine whether people are able to eat or who will be elected president. Astronomy will allow us to learn more about the universe.

Science is science, after all. It helps us discover the secrets of the universe. But it also offers unprecedented benefits for mankind that may not have been possible to ancients. The digital camera was invented by us after we used the Hubble Telescope to view the outer solar system space. We know that stars cannot move according to our will but we do know that the movements of celestial bodies can save us from disasters like comets hitting the Earth. Astrology was used in ancient times to analyze the movements of planets. This could have been used by emperors to continue their rule and to expand their territory. Astrologers might not be aware that they are telling the world about changes in the seasons and how to handle them.

Although we may not be able to know the exact motion of the planets from other stars, historians have found that ancient Egyptians and ancient Babylonians knew that they were different. People’s lives are influenced by the planets. It is crucial to know how to find the positions of planets, whether they are worshipped or used as luck indicators. Every culture has their own view of the universe, and they are deeply convinced of it. The ancients would worship those who could explain the planet’s movement, according to general consensus.