Tarot astrology, also known as Tarot astrology, is the study of Tarot and astrological system. The mysterious discipline of symbol correspondence, internal prototype, law of change and interaction between them explains the law of things’ occurrence, development and extinction through the correlation between the phenomenon formed by the relative position and relative movement of celestial bodies and the tarot card.

Tarot scope is the practice of reading a person’s astrological horoscope through the lens of the Tarot. This can be done as intuitively as a regular Tarot reading and his picking of specific zodiac cards.

Alternatively, first look at astrology for a period to create a zodiac horoscope (using the position and placement of the planets, etc.Then see what the corresponding tarot card is. When looking at a person’s natal chart, you can also use Tarot to get even more depth.

Both astrology and tarot are rich tools for deep introspection, channeling of intuition, and predictive potential, and combining the knowledge of both can create opportunities for an added layer of insight. Read below to find out how your zodiac signs and planets are connected to your Tarot cards.

Tarot and astrology are both esoteric practices that share some similarities and can mainly be linked with the 4 Elements and the 7 classical planets along with the 3 modern planets. Then, each zodiac sign is assigned a Major Arcana card and each number from 2-10 of the Minor Arcana is associated with a zodiac sign through the 3 “qualities/modes” of astrology- Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. The Aces and Court Cards of the tarot are also represented by the Elements. In more detail these sections are as follows:

The Elements
First of all, each suit of the tarot cards represents a different element, which corresponds to the Elements of the zodiac signs (known as triplicities):

Cups are associated with the Water element, and the Water signs of the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Pentacles are linked with the Earth element. The Earth signs of the zodiac are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Swords are representative of the Air element, the Air signs of the zodiac are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Wands are associated with the element Fire, the Fire signs of the zodiac are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The Cups/Water represent our emotions, dreams, desires, needs, and intuition. The Pentagram/Earth relates to our worldly possessions and values, growth, reliability and strength. Sword/Air represents our thoughts, communication, ideas and logic. Wand/Fire is associated with will, action, ambition, spirit, creativity and energy.

Many friends who do not know about tarot and astrology want to predict the future, but do not know how to choose an appropriate prediction method among tarot cards and astrology. This article tells you how to choose it. Choosing a good prediction method can help you predict the future accurately!

“How is my relationship? How is my career?” This should be the question that Tarot diviners often receive and that customers care about most, but Tarot diviners should have a headache when receiving this kind of question. Some well-known diviners will even explain directly when receiving orders. If there is no specific question, they will not accept it. If they do not choose the correct prediction technique, not only will it be difficult for the diviners to accurately divine the answers to the questions, but also will make the answers you get very vague and unclear, In fact, it’s not that you can’t ask such questions, but that you’ve found the wrong way to do divination!

Tarot cards and astrology are both prediction methods, and there is no good or bad difference between them. However, tarot is more inclined to predict events, and astrology is more suitable to see your future fortune.

Astrology itself can’t look at things too carefully, but it can tell you the general trend of a certain field, such as character, property, love, health, career, etc. It is very appropriate to look at astrology, it can tell you whether you are good at this, what problems will arise, or you want to know which aspects are more advantageous and which aspects are easy to face challenges, which can be seen with astrology, For example, astrology can tell you that there will be problems in your relationship during this period, but it is difficult to judge what is wrong.

Tarot divination itself is time effective. It can only predict events within three months, and the results can be changed by yourself. For example, if you have emotional problems with your boyfriend and the results are bad, you can change according to the tips given by the tarot card, so the tarot card is not suitable for predicting long-term problems, But it is very suitable for predicting specific and detailed problems.

Above is an overview of the Tarot field and its relationship to astrology and Tarot.