I have become a little haphazard in the order that I draw these cards. I just hop around the deck randomly picking the next card based on my moods.

We are now at the Wheel of Fortune.

For reference, I used the 1870 Jeu de l’Oracle des Dames card 20. I didn’t like the monkey king in cape and sword situations.

Lady Fortuna, as shown in the illustration, is a combination of Haudenosaunee traditional native patterns and Greco-Roman styles. (Update: I digitally corrected her left sleeve to make it less wacky.

Another blog update about the Etteilla deck. This is the Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, and Three of Cups.

These progress posts should be considered works-in-progress. All information is subject to change. Keywords are temporary placeholders. The final layout design is something I don’t yet know.

For your reference, you can see Cards 7 and 8 from Etteilla II (left) and Etteilla III (right). These are illustrations taken from the Lemarchand book. For the guidebook, I am slowly translating the meanings of the cards from French into English.

After eighteen cards, I have realized that my original layout design was not going to work. Right now, the font size is 64 pixels. According to my estimates, it should be 85 pts.

I posted my first complete drafts for the seven Major Arcana Cards in my reinterpretation Etteilla Tarot.

Instead of moving on to the second Septenary of Majors in order, I decided to try my hand at some of the pips. I don’t want to do the artistic labor for all Majors and then begin on the pips. Then I realize that I didn’t like the direction I was heading in and have to abandon the project. All that hard work had been done.

So, I thought, “Okay, let’s see if we can even come up a good approach for the pip cards before we commit to this deck project.”

But where should I begin? I began at the tail of the deck, but not Card 78 and Key 0 the Fool. I began with Card 77 (the Ace of Coins), then moved backwards to Card 76, Card 75, Card Three Coins and Card 76.

This blog post will show the first drafts for the seven Coins cards that correspond with the Sacred Seven (in order of Sun, Mercury Venus, Moon Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).