Minor Arcana Pips


The gods will show up in every undertaking and endeavor where there is courage. They are there for us. Iaso, goddess of recovery and recovery, is with us in The Convalescent and the Four of Swords. She also appears as Athena, Artemis, Hekate and Guan Yu, Matsu, Isis and Ala, an Alusi of earth and the underworld.

Loki, Sif, Apolaki and Chia will be there, as well as support from a variety of divine beings from kitsune fox spirits and rusalki. You will learn about mythological characters like Medea and Hector, as well as Atargatis. Keep in mind the stories of Hypatia (and Maria Prophetissima), of Alexandria, Timbuktu and the Holy Roman Empire, The Time of Troubles and Mesopotamia.

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck can be used as ritual and praxis. You may think that you are becoming more familiar with these characters or the places and civilizations represented in the cards, but what you really are doing is strengthening your psychic connection to God.

The Four Suits

Scepters in RWS is Wands, Chalices is Cups, Swords are Swords, and Orbs to Pentacles. The equivalents in the Thoth are Scepters to Wands, Chalices and Cups, Swords To Swords, and Orbs To Disks.

The Aces: Nucleic Seeds

They are the Initiators who instill hope and assert their Will. Aces indicate formless essential natures. This indicates unbound potential.

Hallowed Flame. Ace of Scepters. A switch in your brain has activated creativity, productivity, or ingenuity. Your world is ablaze with fire. It manifests as a creative project or an innovative venture. Or, it sparks your passion for a project. This stage is also a new way to develop your career. This is the Awakening phase of your Path. This stage is where you will gain new knowledge. The light of Divine Reason is in your eyes. To make your dream a reality, you must take the first steps. You will find new opportunities and new beginnings when you embark on a new journey.

Holy Grail. Ace of Chalices – The Ace of Chalices omens peace. You will find love and peace. This symbolises energies of charity, generosity, grace, and the pursuit for what is true to your heart. What is to come will purify your soul. Past hurts will be washed away by what fills you. You have sown the seed of an opportunity or offer that will become your Holy Grail. You will experience profound beauty in the things that come into your life.

The Sacred Word. Ace of Swords will bring you the crowning achievement. You are a warrior philosopher who is destined for greatness. The Sacred Word or verbalized intentions become your reality. Your words become the truth. Air is the key to alchemizing your world. It can create intellectual achievements and social advancement. Victory is yours if you are willing to take up the sword and fight, work, and invest the effort and toil to win. When you conquer yourself, others will be conquered. Prophesy: The Ace of Swords will be a dignified person who achieves high achievements and holds power. The incumbent will be defeated and the indigent will lose their position. A new power will emerge–the challenger will win.

Bread of Life. Ace of Orbs. A Hand of Spirit is the color of verdant Earth and presents an emerald ob to a praying Mariam. She is the wife of Joseph, the craftsman (tekton), and mother of Jesus of Nazareth. The future will provide food for many. Earth is working in your world to make it a profitable investment. You are about to get that which will nourish your spirituality and bring you worldly success. It will be a lot more than what was in gestation. The SATOR acrostic is featured here. The SATOR acrostic was described in 18th- and 19th-century texts as a charmed tablet that protects against all physical harms, from toothaches to rabid dogs. Manuscript Digby 53, a 12th-century codex, was the first to mention this square. It is said to protect against black magic and attract love in texts dating back to the 15th century.

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