Western astrology originated in Mesopotamia. In the first two thousand years, the primitive ancient Sumerians built seven level temples in Ur and Uruk. Each level represents a celestial body: the moon, the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These seven celestial bodies should pave the way for the priests to the gods. Sumerians have their own constellations. They divide the sky into three parts. In addition, they also know the white way. They believed that the heavenly bodies operated according to God’s will.

The most accurate calendar in ancient Egypt was born in 2778 BC. The Egyptians recognized the relationship between the rise of Sirius and the flood of the Nile. They tried to infer political development from Sirius’ position.

Astrology in China began in ancient times. It is mainly used to set the calendar and measure the world’s major events. It’s the art of stargazing in general. As stated in Yisi Zhan, Kaiyuan Zhanjing, etc. It is also called Five Star Art, Star Life Art and so on. For example, Guolao Xingzong is its peak representative.