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What is Astrology?

The world is MYTH. None can COMPLETELY whack the NATURAL MOVEMENTS.

At least, we can take some steps against future DISASTERS.

But how do we know— what is happening in the FUTURE?

It is where the  steps into the world.

It refers to stuffing the movements of this , such as STARS, into the mind and predicting based on their positions.

Does it work?

YES. Do people believe it?

Let’s check who believes in it.

Who believes in it?

Different STUDIES indicate different scenarios.

Some believe in Astrology and ZODIAC Signs, and some don’t.

As per a study conducted by  this , one out of four Americans believes in Astrological predictions and Zodiac Signs.

Almost 30% of Americans believe in it.

Another study shows the results according to the surveys.

Most people who BELIEVE in Astrology are more NARCISSISTIC and procure a LOWER IQs.

“Astrology” is usually regarded as superstition by modern people, but if you study its history deeply, you will find that the technology can be traced back to 2000 BC. It is recognized by the archaeological community as the birthplace of the world’s oldest civilization. Mesopotamia, followed by the spread of ancient civilization, such as ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It can be said that “astrology” is the sacred art of ancient Eastern and Western civilizations. People use the laws and positions of celestial bodies to classify various events in the world. It is also closely related to alchemy, meteorology and medicine.

If you have any understanding of the evolutionary history of “astrology”, you should know that this discipline is not a continuous improvement over time, but a process of continuous regression. Through the special research of scientists, it is found that the “astrology” recorded on the cuneiform script unearthed in Mesopotamia is the most accurate calculation of the laws of celestial bodies and will be used more in the future. The accuracy of this method is not as good as before.

Moreover, the relationship between celestial body movement and divination prediction is only a simple formula of causality, and it is still unknown what kind of reasoning is behind this causality. Therefore, after the scientific revolution, astrology began to be widely questioned, because no one can prove why there is a causal relationship between the operation of celestial bodies and divination, so “astrology” is usually considered superstitious.

So, is astrology reliable? Is it superstition or science?

First of all, we should clearly point out that the evolution of “astrology” itself is actually a process of losing step by step. Although a large number of people are still committed to research, because of the spread and continuation of such civilizations as Sumerian civilization, such as Babylon in Cuba, it has begun to make mistakes, so the knowledge retained so far is scattered, which is why no one can really prove that it is a science so far.

However, fortunately, with the development of science, people gradually redefine some things that are defined as superstitions and legends as science and history, as is the case with “astrology”