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Witchcraft Foundations: The Doctrinal Basis of Transcendental Magic

WESTERN WITCHCRAFT I – This course is a thirteen-module immersive study on the first 12 chapters of Eliphas Levi’s Doctrine, Part I of the larger collection Transcendental Magic. The 18 videos have a duration of 9 hours and include a 363-page workbook/textbook. You’ll also receive a set guided focused meditations for the magus videos. I recommend that you work through the material over a 13-week span. The theory as well as the practicum are covered. This course follows a 400-level university elective that was completed in one semester.

Astrology Course For Beginners

$65 USD

Optional + $10 custom add-on

This course is for beginners, but it’s intense. It teaches you how to read both a Placidus tropical chart and a Whole Signs one. You will learn a lot through the use of a workbook and you’ll have the foundation and the beginnings to your own astrology grimoire. The course’s main focus and “final project” will be creating your own astrology Grimoire. Videos of my talking head will help you navigate your workbook. The course content is for beginners in astrology. However, it assumes no prior knowledge.

Accessing genetic memory through Tarot: Ancestral connections and Past Life Recall

This online course was presented for the first time at the Tarot Readers Studio, New York, New York, on April 28, 2018. This course is available for those who were unable to attend the event, but still have an interest in the topic. The ideas and research presented in this course have been slightly modified from the 2018 Readers Studio masterclass.

Recent scientific discoveries have shown a connection between genetics, inheritance memories from our ancestors and the retained memories of those inherited memories within our neurons. This means that our cellular and genetic memories contain a vast amount of intuitive knowledge.

This course will discuss how to use tarot to trigger an altered state or consciousness. This can facilitate the retrieval of genetic memories from our unconscious minds. To recall our past generations, we will use ritualized tarot to communicate with our ancestors using tarot. We will learn their stories, their origins, their lives, and, most importantly, the messages they have for us. The tarot methods are then transported to another level of genetic memory that allows us to access our past lives.

Shadow Work and Tarot for Activating Dynamic Energy

It is common to hear of the use of tarot and shadow work. This course expands on that idea to show how shadow work and tarot can be used to increase personal power. Your success rate in reaching your goals will be greater if you have more personal power. This course will teach you how to tap into five different sources of power within yourself, which correspond with the metaphysical architecture and framework of the Tarot. This course is suitable for beginners in tarot, although the content may be challenging. The course will cover tarot, social psychology and chakra strengthening. It also covers self-reflection, ritual and spell-crafting. Basic East Asian Qi energy work, as well as basic East Asian Qi.

Notable: Tarot and Shadow Work was offered for the first time at Tarot Summer School 2017, Tarot Readers Academy.

Tarot & the Four Pillars: Keys for Unlocking Esoteric Wisdom

This advanced esoteric Tarot course will guide you through a 21 card Pyramid Reading that is meant to be a spiritual experience. The Four Directives of the Magus are the foundation of the reading and purpose: to know, dare, will, and keep silent. These Four Directives, along with the blueprints for your inner temple, will pave your Threefold Path of Wisdom. You’ll be able to master alchemy and astrology and understand their importance to the study of esoteric Tarot.

Tarot and Occultism

This class follows a graduate-level course. It includes lectures and guided tarot readers ritualized and designed to teach rather than explain tarot in witchcraft.

The lecture section covers a comparative analysis between exoteric and psychology-based Tarot readings and an esoteric or psychic-based Tarot Reading. It also discusses tarot’s role as a witch’s instrument. We will discuss the history and legacy tarot in Western Occultism. Our focus will be on how Hermetic principles can be applied to the tarot. Next, we’ll discuss the role of tarot in modern witchcraft.

Notable: The first Tarot Summer School 2018, at the Tarot Readers Academy, offered “Tarot and Occultism” for the first time.

Tarot: A Tool to Craft

This video and workbook course is essential for anyone who wants to deepen their metaphysical connection to tarot. It will teach you how to use tarot to empower yourself and how to modify form and mechanics to read tarot when it’s used for divination, psychic abilities, mediumship, and communication. Intermediate course. This assumes that you have a good understanding of tarot and are an experienced practitioner or deep interested in occultcraft. The course’s subject matter can also include esoteric or mystical uses of the tarot. This course is also different from Holistic Tarot in terms of its tenor and value propositions.

The Opening of the Key

The Opening of the Key, a five-operation interdisciplinary divinatory procedure, is rooted in the adept traditions of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The procedure is now available to all tarot practitioners, thanks to the publicly accessible records. The Opening of the Key (OOTK), is not about learning the OOTK. It’s about understanding divination. You will learn the OOTK procedure through a series 11 video lectures and a 50-page OOTK book. There are also a lot of handouts, templates and quick reference sheets.

Notable: “Learning the Opening of the Key”, was the first course offered at the Tarot Readers Academy’s 2016 Tarot Summer School 2016.

How to Launch an Indie Deck: How To Self-Publish Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards

A comprehensive course package will be provided for a cost estimate of a tarot deck or oracle. It will include a 245-page handbook as well as a deck creator’s journal. This will guide you through the process of designing, printing and marketing your deck. You will be able to access industry secrets, boilerplate forms contracts, and other useful information.

Is there a formula to success? Yes. We’ll help you get more marketing power, sales, visibility, and make your deck project the best it can be, no matter what it is.

Copyright Law, Tarot

What does U.S. copyright law mean for tarot? This course will equip you with all the legal knowledge that you need, regardless of whether you are a professional tarot readers, a writer or creator of tarot decks, or a social media publisher. This course is written by both an intellectual property lawyer and a tarot reader. It will provide a comprehensive education about the topic. Are you interested in being published traditionally as a deck creator or author? Find out everything you need about understanding, negotiating, and reading your publishing contract.

Origins of the Akashic Records


This course explores translations of texts dating back to 200 B.C. and will show the origins of Akashic Records as well as how they were originally instructed. Based on instructions in the oldest texts that discuss the Akasha concept and its first principles, this course will show you how to read the Akashic records. We’ll then discuss how to reinterpret it for modernity.

The course is not meant to be religious in nature or promote any particular religious ideology. However, we will be discussing Akasagarbha the bodhisattva of Mahayana Buddhism that is associated with the Akasha.

Tarot: Keys to the Underworld


The Underworld is a projection from the psycho-spiritual realm below this material plane. It is a collective unconscious subsisting below physical reality. In this psycho-spiritual realm different laws of physics apply. This is psychologically referred to as saying that we are not who they are in these subterranean realms.

“Tarot as Keys to the Underworld” will guide you by video to a subterranean mind. You’ll take your tarot cards along with you, read there, and return with life lessons, memories, and sensations.

This version of the katabasis is different to the one that was first presented at 2018 UK Tarot Conference. The UK Tarot Conference presented it for collective journeying. I was able to walk around and observe you, guide you and, in an emergency, take care of you. This course has been modified to suit solo journeying.

How To Achieve Prosperity


This online course focuses on the theory and practice of magic that can help us achieve prosperity. What is the secret mindset to achieving success? How can you use natal astrology (and how to change) to see your financial destiny? In this chart, we’ll cover the midheaven and Hermetic Lot of Fortune. A 150-page reference book will be provided to assist you in understanding the sign and planetary houses. We will also explore spell-crafting, feng shui and talismans to prosperity.

Sole Proprietorship of the Sacred Arts


How can you start a sole proprietorship in sacred arts? And how do you make it thrive? This course will help you to brand yourself, establish a reputation, market and manage your social media platforms, as well as the secrets of successful brands. It will also teach you how to run your business every day. We will cover everything related to logistics, including entity organization, licenses, permits, financials, and basic accounting skills. We will discuss the structure of a client meeting, how to protect intellectual property, economies of scale and other topics.

The course package includes a digital library with boilerplate forms and templates that you may need to start an e-commerce business from home, as well as a business handbook specifically tailored for sacred arts professionals.

A PDF of an excerpt from is available for free.

Cunning Witchcraft: Moving the Path of Transcendental Magic

Coming 2021

WESTERN WITCHCRAFT I: We covered the first 12 chapters of Eliphas Levi’s Doctrine and Ritual of Transcendental Magic. The second part of the two-part course, Western Witchcraft I, was the first. It also included basic and selected ritual work taken from the first 12 Chapters of Ritual. This second part of the Western Witchcraft series will focus on the Path. We will use Chapters 13-22 from both Ritual and Doctrine concomitantly. We will be discussing Necromancy and Transmutations, Key of Four Secret Sciences, as well as other topics.