I forget to blog. Why would I blog when I technically vlog every other week during my livestreams?

It is difficult to keep up with everything that I am doing. My book, which will be published on 11/22/22 (talking about divine timing!). My podcasts are plural: Cardslingers Coast to Coast, and Tarot by Hilary.

I am also participating in National Novel Writing Month. This usually leaves me isolated, weird, and alone. If you could write 50,000 words per month, I’d be proud.

But I digress. Last week was a great episode of livestreaming. I wanted to share it with you.

Next week, Jenna and I will be talking about MY book on Jenna’s social media.


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HILARY Parry HAGGERTY has been a tarot reader and editor. She has been reading tarot professionally for 13 years, and has been doing so for more than 21 years. She won Theresa Reed’s (The Tarot Lady’s) Tarot Apprentice contest 2011 and has taught spell-work and tarot classes at The Tarot School’s annual tarot conference Readers Studio as well as at Brid’s Closet Beltane Festival. She writes a weekly blog on tarot at her website www.tarotbyhilary.com and has been featured in Maxim Magazine and BuzzFeed.

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Chuang Ti Di Duan

Tarot by Hilary

Haters gonna hate

It’s true, I admit it. Motel Makeover on Netflix was my guilty pleasure at the end of summer.

The entire series was completed in just a few days.

While I admit to some of the fake drama and crunch times being cheesy I watched the entire thing and learned some useful home design tips (as well as some business nuggets).

My husband and I also fought asking why I can’t buy a Good Vibes Only neon signs. (answer: The jury is still out and I may order one anyway for my week-to-week lives.

I will usually go to IMDB or the Internet after I have finished binge-watching a series. It doesn’t matter if it is fiction or nonfiction.

This was my Motel Makeover project. I was shocked at the hate that these two women received online. Seriously? You mean, seriously?

These revelations are so irritating. They seem to be increasing in frequency as I make more “unpopular” decisions, such as quitting my safe day job back February.

It was a difficult decision, but it would have been impossible for me to make time for intense and fast writing my first book with Flame Tree Publishing (a UK publisher). The contract was signed literally in the last week of my day job! You don’t have to tell me that synchronicity isn’t possible.

The Numinous Tarot was created by Cedar McCCloud . This deck aims to offer a wide range of experiences and to help you understand the complex symbolism in the Tarot.

The Numinous Tarot is beautifully rendered in luminous watercolors and inks. It shows the beauty and diversity of the world. These symbols are not meant to be used in isolation; they are intended to demonstrate the many ways that everyone can experience magic and mystery, even those who are often excluded.

Check out the review of the Numinous Tarot by Little Red Tarot!

The Numinous Tarot, a deck of 79 cards with fully illustrated pips, has one additional card called The Numinous. To fit the mystical theme and/or to remove gendered titles, the suits, court cards and some Major Arcana were renamed. The titles of the court cards have been changed to make them easier to understand and gender neutral: Kings = Mystics; Queens = Creators; Knights = Explorers; Pages = Dreamers.

This Numinous Tarot edition is printed on 350gsm quality cardstock. It has a matte, textured linen finish. These cards measure 2.75×4.75 inches.

A 200+ page guidebook is included with the deck. It’s written for beginners and all levels of readers. The guidebook and the card titles are written in gender neutral language. The guidebook and deck are packed together in a sturdy box that has a ribbon to make it easy to access.

“Tarot has been an integral part of my life since 2003. It has helped me to find myself, heal, do shadow work and have fun. Divination using cards with such profound symbolism can help anyone connect with themselves and others. Not everyone can see themselves in most Tarot decks. Although the landscape is changing, many decks still feature heterocentric, ciscentric and white decks. They also only show thin, able-bodied individuals. It can be difficult to find images of queer, disabled, non-white and plus-sized bodies in Tarot. This means querents and readers aren’t seeing their lives in the cards.

I wanted to create an inclusive deck featuring all of these people in a magical, magical and colorful way. I wanted to create a guidebook that was equally inclusive.

This deck and book are great for anyone who has never learned Tarot. It is definitely different from other decks and interpretations. However, if you can identify with the Numinous Tarot’s values and message, it might be easier to understand and connect with than others em>


This deck of 79 cards is printed on 350gsm quality cardstock. It has a matte linen texture and cards measure 2.75″x4.75″.

Guidebook of 200 pages with details about each card and guidance.

The deck and guidebook are presented in a sturdy box with ribbon for easy access.