Learn Tarot with Arwen Lynch Poe

Arwen Lynch is the Professional Joy Seeker, psychic and publisheduthor. You might have come across me through one of my decks, or one of my books. Whatever way you came here, I am glad that you did. I’m here to help you read the Tarot intuitively. You can also rely on me to complete your novel.

Learn Tarot To Help Yourself Because You Deserve IT!

Imagine learning about tools that you already own. Exciting, right? I can help. Are you ready for a new direction and to live life to its fullest?

Identify Personal Roadblocks

Discover The Universe’s Hidden messages

Create Empowering Affirmations

And Explore your Inner Landscape

Keep it simple: Seek Joy

I enjoy helping others navigate their lives. Together, we will develop a plan to keep you on track to living the life you desire. You can also learn more about how Tarot can help you get there.

My clients are taught how to find their happiness and keep it. Tarot is one way to do this.

“In an even more nurturing environment”- Karen

“Really opened communication between me and the SO.”- Shelley

“Perceptive, reinforced my direction”-Ruth

Actionable? practical? Life-altering? soulful? brilliant??? Your sessions are described by me as “guidance”. Collaborative. Visionary. Advanced. FREAKING AMAZING Robin

My clients love that I found a tool that helps them discover what is most important to them. These are important things to remember. First, your struggles are only part of you. My intuitive coaching sessions will help you look into your own shadows. THIRD, I will teach you how to bring the most important ones to light. Finding shadows is just one part of the job! Are you ready to take control of your life? Together, we will explore ways to motivate and strengthen you to become the person you want to be

I cannot wait to teach you Tarot!

You can book if you sign up for my Ko-Fi Membership. Prices start at $1.00 USD monthly.

You are my priority in all of my calm, compassionate, and confidential coaching sessions. Therefore, I create a spread that suits you. Because not all questions fit every layout.

Let’s make a life-changing, actionable strategy for you. Because we can work together to create a meaningful, practical path for you. Because I believe you can do it. Let’s get started.

Do you want to have a creative consultation? You can, because you get a membership that includes my paperback Mapping The Hero’s Journey 33 Days To Finish Your Book.

What are you waiting to do? Let’s get going today to find your bliss.