Numerology fascinated me from childhood. I used to input telephone numbers and dates of birth into a calculator, then stare at the products or sums like they were some kind of meaning. Pseudomathematics is my natural choice since I’ve never been good at math. =)

Your Life Path numbers will reveal your natural strengths and weaknesses. Our development can be divided into three stages. Each stage corresponds to a third of our lives and our potential for success during that stage. Your birth date determines your Life Path. John was born December 26, 1978. Take the sums of the day, month, and year and multiply them by 10. If the sum is greater than 10, add the digits until you get a single digit.

1. Life Path = Month + Day + year

2. Life Path = 12 +26 + 1978

3. Life Path = (1 + 2 + (2 + 6 + 1) + (1 + 9 +7 + 8)

4. Life Path = 3 +8 + 25

5. Life Path = 3 +8 + (2+5)

6. Life Path = 3+8+7 [ Not: These numbers represent the 3 stages.]

7. Life Path = 18

8. Life Path = (1 + 8).

9. Life Path = 9

John’s ultimate Life Path would be 9. John’s ultimate Life Path is 9.

Take note of Line 6 above. These numbers represent John’s 3 stages of personal development.

The first third of his lifetime. This is the number that corresponds with the Month, Life Path 3 characteristics. These are the qualities that he must pay more attention to. They will either guide him towards achievement or hinder him in his future.

This is the second stage of his life. It best represents his core, his essence. This is his natural inclinations and will make him happy. However, it doesn’t represent his full potential.

Life Path 7 denotes the third and final stage of his life. This number corresponds with the Year. This is his ideal state of mind and personality in his final days. This is his third stage.

These numbers do not have to be mutually exclusive. These numbers cannot be considered in isolation. To get a complete and informed picture of John, they must be viewed as a group.

We now return to John’s ultimate Life Path, which can be found in Line 9 or Life Path 9. This is his zenith, and not the second stage. The number in his second stage is indicative of what he will likely be, and the person he is most likely to manifest. The full range of his abilities is his ultimate Life Path. It is what he canachieve, and the great difference he can make to this world if he chooses to follow that path.

These are the correspondences for the Life Path number numbers:

It is possible that the letters in your name could reveal certain aspects of your personality. Below are correspondences based on Pythagorean numerological rules:

These attributions can be explained in this way:

You can use the above tables in many ways to find numbers that are significant for your personality. One will assign the number to each letter of your legal name. Then, they will add the sum and continue adding the sums until one digit is reached. The single digit should be a clue about you. Some people distinguish between vowels and consonants, assigning vowels to one revelation about you while the consonants to another. Others will only pay attention to the letters that dominate your name when you say it. These letters are what they use to judge your dominant personality traits.

If you are interested in any of these topics, here are some online resources to learn more about numerology or Life Paths.

Note to Diasporic and immigrant communities: Numerological attributions don’t work for us because often times our English names are not our legal or birth names. If you chose your own name for immigration, I find it interesting how closely the above attributions match with who we are or how we want to be perceived by others. Because we were able to choose our names, this perception is unique. The numbers we see about ourselves will therefore be different than the information they reveal about others who have their Life Path numbers calculated with their legal or birth names. You could also try transliterating your legal or birth name to see what output it gives about you.

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